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No problem. Picked up two pair myself.
For only $7 more, you can get a brand new pair at Amazon right now after 20% off code.
Very cheap ($35 BIN), barely worn Santoni captoes. Seller says 11.5ee.
Also from the outlet 346 line. Probably made in either China or Mexico.
Cheap Brooks English dark brown suede wingtips US 10 - $50 BIN
Touché.My point was (intended to be, at least), that based on my experience, piss stains are not a part of a normal wardrobe. So are all these piss-stained pants coming from old/incontinent people or actual dead people?
Why are piss stains so prevalent in used suits? Are they the result of people dying in these suits or are they simply garden variety, day-to-day leakage piss stains?
There's a US deal as well:
Interested. Do you have pictures and measurements? Are these Standard or New Standard?
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