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on the APCs - can you measure across the waist? I'm interested but I need to know how close it will fit. I usually wear 16-17
Nope. I don't really see a lifting belt as useful, because when you use proper form they're not necessary. Any compund movement should see you contracting your entire body and a lot of times, I feel like a belt encourages you to lift more than you should. It's the same reason I don't wear gloves. Not because I want to get all kinds of callouses or not be able to do as many reps, but because I want to train my grip as well. Form is key, not how much you can throw up...
I hear snake oil works the quads like nobody's business. Srsly, I've got a messed up hip as well. (Right leg is slightly longer). In my experience, it's helped a lot to do lifts that work my hip flexors. I just have to make sure I warm up on the elliptical (running's a bit too much impact) for 5 minutes, stretch before, in between sets, and afterward, and cool down after the workout. Unless you've got a serious injury or malformed hip joint (which you well may,...
this looks great, looking forward to seeing it
Rian Johnson really did something special with Brick. His cousin Nathan's band did the score which was also superb. I haven't seen The Brothers Bloom yet but it's on my list.
Barbicide can kill hiv-1, hep-b and hep-c I think you'll be ok.
Tim Howard v. Spain basically.
Spain thought it'd be an easy game, they didn't take it seriously enough obviously. Onyewu played amazingly, as did Dempsey & Davies
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas I'm so irritated with ESPN360. I'm supposedly able to sign in using my home Verizon account info and watch this in the office, and I've done it before, but it seems not to be working here the past few days... and I really would have enjoyed keeping tabs on this game, and on the US Open Monday. Get sopcast.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis Don't you use pomade for that look? If that doesn't work, try making a bunch of shitty movies with shirtless scenes. +1 million
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