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Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Yeah... sorry haters... 9 to 9.5. No way. I can understand the guys who want to tap her regardless of her being plain, and I can understand if maybe you were basing it on only those made up pictures where she looks like a different person, but 9-9.5? Don't see it. With makeup, 9 for sure. Without? 7.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson I agree. There's something about the extremely muscular, ugly, girl with a boy haircut thing that just doesn't do it for me. Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher Not a fan. At all. Quote: Originally Posted by flashback I think she's annoying, and her "style" / persona is pretty lame Quote: Originally Posted by jhao + 1, she's too...
Please, tell me I am not alone. Almost everything about her pisses me off.
I am stunned that people who don't have the same outlandish tastes as folks who love that ass are being called gay by said fetishists.
God bless the animals that they test makeup on.
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara The faggotry displayed in this thread is mind-boggling. People with low standards always call the sexuality of people with high standards into question. Just because a man treads a higher path to you doesn't make it homosexual. As for reasons not to hit, she's got a butterface and a body that you can find on any street in any city at any time of day.
My girl has ruined my ability to appreciate girls like this.
Quote: Originally Posted by javyn I hate the English b/c they give me shit for my Welsh ancestry for whatever reason. I turn it around on them though pointing out that I'm also a direct descendant of Opecancanough, the Powhatan warlord who easily took out half the Jamestown settlement Do you count that among your personal accomplishments? I must say, I'd find it quite dreary to know that my family's greatest accomplishment was achieved...
Quote: Originally Posted by marc237 Photos shopped. Without, she would show more cottage cheese than Breakstone. As a complete aside, I do think there is something very nice about women in fedoras. Somewhat fittingly, a close look at those untouched pics posted reveals the following quote from what looks to be Paris Hilton: Quote: I would not want [Kim's butt]... It reminds me of cottage cheese in a big trash bag.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fat-Elvis The fact that it costs upwards of thousand of dollars may have something to do with it. I challenge you to go through the wardrobes of SF members and then repeat that. $1000 spread over the course of several treatments is not really that much money for a permanent benefit. At the end of the day, laser is the way to go. It might be expensive, but if you're going to make the decision to do the snip, why...
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