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Quote: Originally Posted by r... Seems like a social networking dressed in a work tie. Yes. This will decrease productivity in any workplace it's introduced to.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 And to think you guys were joking about him a few days ago. It's a sad state of affairs. This is out of line. What does mocking someone have to do with sympathising with their loss? I feel bad for Mike, as I would feel bad for anyone whose child dies before they do.
Show her this thread.
Buyer's remorse, you are truly a social dynamo and I look forward to your next tale.
Just tell her that you feel comfortable with her and want to see her more often than time usually allows. You can play it off as wanting to explore the friendship I guess, which will soothe your inner pussy.
I didn't know she was Australian.
Forget that C exists, marry a substitute who reminds you of her, and start drinking more and more night by night as your youth and your love of life are slowly but relentlessly leeched from your body. Awaken one day forty years hence with the realisation that you have been living a lie with a woman you never respected or admired and fathered children whose highest aspiration will be to become a cog in the social machine. Take up smoking, contract lung cancer, and spend the...
I'm pretty sure there were some very recent black and white workout pictures of her posted somewhere on this site recently. She's a pro volleyballer IIRC. I can't remember her name.
It's none of your business, keep well and truly out of it. Or, if you want to pass the buck, tell the ex, and let her decide whether or not to tell the sister.
Quote: Originally Posted by ConcernedParent Claiming you wouldn't crush is grounds for having the ghey... or being Arthur kade. I wouldn't (being taken by someone who imho is much more attractive, let alone with a more 3 dimensional personality), but if I was single I probably would. What I am saying though is that her ass would be a detraction from my attraction. Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel really, you are...
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