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I think it's tough to suggest that Obama should get involved, especially if your basis for that is because he's the "leader of the free world". He's actually the elected leader of the United States, and considering the hate-binge the world is just now getting over about America's foreign policy, I think it would be disastrous for him to take a belligerant tone, even with a nation who is ideologically opposed to American thinking. The US needs to wait and show the world...
Personal preference is for the black face. I've had a mechanical seiko for the last 3 years or so (purchased at $300) and it's never given me any problems.
The big problem here is when you spend X amount on yourself, your SO sees that amount, and then you fail to spend similar amounts on presents for her.
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik A lot of partners haven't gotten used to the idea that per-partner-profits can't go up every single year, into perpetuity, either. +10000. But if they keep sacking associates they might start having to do some actual legwork themselves, and that would be an awful shame.
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Great first post Somewhere out there there is a man who just wants to share quality porn, and he is very confused about the bans and hatred he gets everywhere he goes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo She's getting worse with each new pic set that's posted. Doesn't this comment make you gay by your own judgment system?
You buy stocks in (up to) ten companies with the intention of keeping them long term (a decade, perhaps more). What companies do you buy shares in, and why?
It has to be Nikki. It's interesting that SF picked two finalists with wildly different types of good looks though.
She looks like an ugly version of Monica from Friends.
Quote: Originally Posted by Brogue Get the MD. I boated past a cardiologist's house this weekend and was stunned by its beauty. With an MD, the chances of wealth are much higher. Law is hit or miss. Too late.
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