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I have a very classic two-button Giorgio Armani suit. But I am trying to escape his clutches and branch out, how dare he appeal to my classic sensibilities with such a speech!
I have a pair of white loafers that I like to tell myself are quite swish. I'll paste them when I can find them.
What is the difference between a panama hat and a fedora? Enquiring minds want to know!
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 HR people are mostly retards. hope that clears things up. This is basically truth. The only time I have pretended to like HR people is when I've slept with them. I don't understand how it has come to be that someone with no experience in the field can choose who to hire and who not to hire for that field - and when they do make those decisions it's based on soft crap like whether or not you gave them a...
And while we're talking about other films, I might as well talk about some as well. I rewatched gattaca the other day, and I didn't really like it. The forensics performed by the police was terrible - as if they wouldn't have gotten the spit in the dead guy's eye on the first sweep of the body? The guys from CSI would have gotten it (ha ha). I also think it's unfortunate because, presuming whatsisname survives his space mission without dying from his supposed heart...
I had to study this movie in highschool. Other than that though it was pretty good.
Quote: Originally Posted by Huntsman Fear. I still have $40k from undergrad, and the $1400/month I am paying (way over minimums) really cripples me. Bleh. I will have 50-60k owing when I finish my degree. In the spirit of this thread though, a thing that makes me happy is that I will be done halfway through this year.
I dress to impress everyone and anyone, including myself and various others. I don't think it shows any great weakness to wear something that will impress ladies, even if it's of inferior quality. Perhaps your better-quality clothing could be a conversation piece though, "Yeah, I thought about getting some TR jeans, but the quality of these is so much better. Touch the pretty jeans. Yeah, you like that.".
On a similar note, I hate that Gloria Jeans is killing off all the good coffee places with their half-single skinny mint mochas with choc chips, and their convenient locations. Starbucks might be in its death throes, but gloria jeans? They are tenacious.
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