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Looks like others have this covered. I went looking at hermes ties two days ago myself. They're of good quality, and quite popular up the big end of town, but I'd prefer to stock my classics (repp ties and maybe a paisley) before moving on to critters etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff i love being married to my wife. read carefully, i said being married to my wife, not "married" marriage is alot of strife, trouble, sacrifice, and you have to stop accounting everything or else you will kill yourself. but i enjoy being married to my sweet wife. my best friend . buddy. i love her. Sir, you have my envy. One day I intend to be you.
The best incentive to lose weight is to tie a stick to your back, a string to the stick, and then to attach a donut to the end of that string. Then chase that donut, fatty!
I recently bought a straight razor, wiscogooner. If you have the patience to learn how to strop well (or alternatively get one with disposable blades, but that sort of defeats the purpose), go for it, because they do look classy and allegedly cut down on razor burn. I got frustrated with it quite quickly though, and am now back to a regular razor. I can't use electric shavers because my facial hair is too thick. That's right, I am too much of a man to use an electric.
My strengths: many sports. I enjoy talking myself down before I go to play a sport with someone "No, I've never played xyz before!" (when obviously I have) and then going from abysmal to outstanding in the space of half an hour.
I'm pissed off that I eat so much for breakfast (generally 2 cups of muesli with milk, a banana, and an egg), that I feel like waddling instead of walking until lunch time.
If you can get anything that sounds like an industry, do that instead of one of the traditionals (philosophy, english, history etc). Asian studies might be useful, for example, because you can pretend that it makes you better qualified to deal with the Asian business world. I had a major in history and a minor in asian studies, and sometimes I regret not making it the other way around (I'd done a lot of asian history subjects, so I could have picked either).
Quote: Originally Posted by Bruce9241 A&F isn't enough. You will need to wear your baseball cap sideways. Can I at least also take up baseball? Or does my baseball cap need to be purely for show? Quote: Originally Posted by Gradstudent78 Are there a significant number of people getting their PhD's joining and becoming actively involved with frats? Most people I know who were involved did so solely as part of their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Piobaire If you're just going to troll, at least be a good one. Try harder Pio - I am a hard-line right winger, and this subforum gives me a chubby. Perhaps you were mistaking an ability for honesty with trolling. Quote: I think this is wrong. Those believing in natural justice will be spread all over the political spectrum. I would consider myself a believer in it, though I waver a bit from time to time....
I don't think anyone can fool themselves. The internet is potentially very dangerous. However, real life can be as well. The difference is that vulnerable people often have access to parts of the internet whose real life equivalents they would be barred from. I think a culture of good parental supervision and proper education about the dangers of this risky behaviour (on and offline) needs to be instilled in society, because it simply isn't present today.
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