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Boring. I have done this many times, long before you. You are not the god of hearts, you are some kind of schmuck of hearts. Gravel-raker of hearts at best.
Fuck, there goes yet another childhood institution.
Quote: Originally Posted by dopey Why is extending health benefits to someone an expansion of their liberty? As far as I can tell, the provision of family healthcare benefits is a vestige of the days when a family unit was wage-earning man, child rearing, stay at home mom and children. But that is hardly the model now. What social interest is advanced by having employers pay for the healthcare benefits of an able-bodied spouse? I understand the idea...
Quote: Originally Posted by JD_May Or as Aaron Sorkin put it, "I like you guys who want to reduce the size of government - make it just small enough so it can fit in our bedrooms." The thing that frustrates me about it is that it comes from a government purporting to encourage domestic freedoms and a liberal system of laws rather than an oppressive one. If we were talking about fascism I probably wouldn't complain about the lack of freedoms,...
How can you grade Obama based on policies whose effects we have not yet felt? This is like trying to grade a punch based on the way someone is clenching their fist. Ask again at the end of his term - or better, a few years after that. In the spirit of the question though, I find some of Obama's policies questionable, some worrying, and some sensible - just like any other politician.
My problem with the issue of "teh gay" is this (and bear with me because this is an ideological argument, which I deplored only minutes ago). We live (or you Americans live, I should say), in a country that suggests it is the land of the free. You live in what is touted to be a democracy, or at least a democratic republic. The laws of the nation should reflect that. Laws are made (or should be made) in such a system to protect society and to protect individual safety....
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn If you were my dad I'd kick you in the teeth for having such bad taste. If you were my son I'd have taught you better than that Also I bench press ten goats and am a quintuple black belt in karte and I was in the comandso and I'm rambo. But also a robot. Robot Rambo. But waterproof.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I've noticed recently that a common form of argument in the CE is "you say that because you are a ...-winger" or "only ...-wingers say that" as though that is some sort of refutation or damning counterargument. I don't come across this much in real life. Do you guys find it constructive or compelling, or even worthwhile? No, to all.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Fake tits. No thanks. If you were my son I'd disown you.
Quote: Originally Posted by JoeWoah Maybe someone can get her to tattoo a picture of what her old rack used to look like on her back... like they do to bitches in prison. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
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