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It has to be Nikki. It's interesting that SF picked two finalists with wildly different types of good looks though.
She looks like an ugly version of Monica from Friends.
u shuld lrn karte like i did dn't take that shit man u just need to fine ur inner caveman n gear shift n shit lol
Quote: Originally Posted by skyman (after one date) Do you love me? (after two dates) WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME?!
I read an article about Megan Fox's deformed thumbs today in a newspaper, which cited the attention that has been brought to it on the interwebs. It's about time people started taking me seriously. PS. Wow, that's the first time I've ever genuinely thought collagen made women look like fish. PPS. Toe thumb is genetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by SlamMan This thread was answered in the 2nd post. How did this question even needed asking? Time to sack it up brother. I found the fourth response hilarious and informing.
The best way to put the question, which I heard only the other day, is "Can I see you?". Just be genuine, and if she turns you down* don't be awkward about it, just go straight back into friend mode. *Let's be realistic, she will probably turn you down. If she wanted you, she'd have given you signals out the wazoo.
Never trust a therapist. That's my professional opinion.
Whelan Johansson
Surely if a woman says to you, "Boy I wish this night didn't have to end here" that's indicative that she wants to go back to your place, rather than off to a Denny's.
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