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Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim Quote: Originally Posted by thetieguy I asked a girl one time"Don't i know you from somewhere?" and she said"Yes, thats whi I dont go there anymore.' It still hurts me till this day. You should have laughed and said "Now THAT's one I have never heard. Made my day! By the way, I am ___". You are painful.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek I don't think I do anything special.. I saute green onions in butter, add in lots of minced garlic when i am almost done the onions. I don't brown the garlic, I just cook it a bit to release flavor. I use lots of garlic because I love garlic and i like the cream heavily flavored, but you obviously do it to taste. I fill the sauté pan with cooking cream, add salt and pepper, bring to a boil and reduce the cream. I put...
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek Breaded veal cutlets with lemon juice + aglio e olio is my go to don't feel like cooking meal. Steak & potatoes dauphinoise (which I often prepare on the weekend so that I have them for the week). fettucine alfredo pasta+pesto Please pass on the recipe, the only recipe I have for alfredo is terrible.
Quote: Originally Posted by Macallan9 This sounds like women and men of all races. How many times have you seen an american girl go ga-ga over some random european guy with an accent? Heaps, but I put this down to an innate desire in all women not to date Americans.
Nothing a swift punch to the stomach won't fix. Sell that on ebay.
Basically everything in this thread suggests that Korean girls are stuck up so-and-sos who only respect the almighty dollar, refuse to pull their own weight in a relationship or seek relationships with foreign men themselves without significant encouragement, and will probably leave you high and dry when their family tells them to ditch the marriage and go marry a good Korean boy. Sounds like it's full of lose. Just go date an American Asian.
Sounds like I need a bigger/smaller neck. To the dim sum!
My neck is a 40, the shirt I want to buy is a 39. The sales assistant kindly assured me that it would be a simple matter to move the button so that the shirt becomes a 40, and the shirt is otherwise well fitted to my body. Is this generally the appropriate step to take?
Quote: Originally Posted by trex so, who was she? I would like to be rendered less than impressed by my own experience. She's on the "these are fake, right?" thread in entertainment. I don't know what her name is, but prepare to be nonplussed.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sherlockian Oh come off it. You guys are either self-cockblockers with some deep-seated mommy issues regarding older women, or are just plain ghey. I stared at those bikini photos for about ten minutes, and came at least twice. Just because people have different, or higher, standards than you doesn't make them the ones with issues
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