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Quote: Originally Posted by *wally* tee too long (possibly covering girly hips) thighs to big for these jeans hem too narrow colors are Looks great dong. I would personally prefer white tee. Which leather is it? Ss09 lamb?
Man, I thought this thread was 'balanciaga your wardrobe'... I was pretty excited to read it
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason You don't need a bigger shirt, you just need a thick enough one. That's the problem with white T's if you're moderately built and don't have tiny, tiny, nipples (Tiny nipple envy). If any pink shows through, I'd only use it for sitting around the house, which I do naked/shirtless anyway. the shirt is fine, although i prefer if you'd size up. agree with eason. if you wanna rock a thinner tees, you need to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by jet I think sometimes people get carried away with the idea of baller sneakers to set off stuff like that, it comes off too artificial and fashiony (sup uncontrol) but with some white chucks it grounds the fit in "realness" and takes away the try-hard aspect of trying to achieve such a look. agreed... just look at this guy
Quote: Originally Posted by jet summer game when i tried to get it last month it was sold out in my size in both colors need more dvn...
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Mike, if you got all cut up and svelt and shit, with sub 10% bodyfat, you'd probably be like 100 lbs... thoughts? (0) and i like your modesty and honesty and being open with your sizing problems. being that way is the only way you can get some good help, as you've probably figured out..(edit; sorry ive never been able to help you myself) If mikey goes down to 100 you are gonna look like a 12 year...
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol varsity looks nice with orange Quote: Originally Posted by transient Needs more pics linkinwaye looks pretty good bro. Snowman, I think I gave you some unwarranted crap earlier on for which i apologize, but since I've joined i was lucky enough to witness your transformation. Really good stuff, your aesthetic is really coming together and you can tell even by your body language that...
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Yeah, the shift to Junya and whatnot makes sense and all, but I like this stuff more. (You look taller, too.) I actually prefer scott in junya. Jw gives 10x more swag than all brack evrything.
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Snow what are those sneaks? Kva
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor I think it would look better with something besides a tee. Tee + jacket almost always makes you look like an H&M fashionista, especially with Aldens lol thats exactly what i thought when i put it together. i love blazer + tee though
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