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Quote: Originally Posted by shahanshah When you come thru next time you gonna get some east asian infusion then you'll know make apk try some next level korean foood like boshintang
Does this mean we'll be seeing mjk x faded glory collab anytime soon?
why is teger so mean ? snowman i got your back bro edit: going to shorten sleeves. will leave the overall length alone. will post fit pic after alteration
Quote: Originally Posted by scott.m I want a shitload more jil now that I own a piece, could live in it all s/s. I feel fucking fantastic I my suit, and it's not even tailored yet. you got a jil suit? watcha get? i just got mine this weekend. milly/milton. i LOVE how it fits. debating whether i should get the sleeve and jacket shortened a bit.
Jil Sander Milly/Milton Suit (Black)
another price drop. all sold items will ship tomorrow!
anyone know how much oiled calf stretches? wish it was a size small great leather at an excellent price.
Mellow is that jacket philip lim? Looks great.
One more price drop
measurements updated, price drop
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