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measurements updated, price drop
kelvin, snake, slack look great as usual. APC Dior Lanvin
one more price drop
Tonio is so so wise. Now lets take this dumb thread down.
Price drop on rg items.
Quote: Originally Posted by jet but I gotta sell half size too big, custom tanks will be in b&s soon those trickers are awesome. i would just keep them and double up on socks. too bad that place you live in is always HAWT
Quote: Originally Posted by fuji Ralph Lauren black label, ideally one a season old so you get the better lapels. Great slim cut, 8" drop. You can usually find them for about $600-1000. Retail is $2000. Where can you find a 36s in that price range? Ive been looking for a black one on sale and I've pretty much given up and was gonna pay full retail.
snake, your fit with shorts looks pretty good. i think once you taper the shorts a bit, it'd look great.
haha i guess if you have a big drop like flyguy, i can see it looking alright. my bad big guy
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