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Quote: Originally Posted by jet summer game when i tried to get it last month it was sold out in my size in both colors need more dvn...
Quote: Originally Posted by slack tide Mike, if you got all cut up and svelt and shit, with sub 10% bodyfat, you'd probably be like 100 lbs... thoughts? (0) and i like your modesty and honesty and being open with your sizing problems. being that way is the only way you can get some good help, as you've probably figured out..(edit; sorry ive never been able to help you myself) If mikey goes down to 100 you are gonna look like a 12 year...
Do you guys have the dvn blue painted shirt in 44 by any chance???
Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol varsity looks nice with orange Quote: Originally Posted by transient Needs more pics linkinwaye looks pretty good bro. Snowman, I think I gave you some unwarranted crap earlier on for which i apologize, but since I've joined i was lucky enough to witness your transformation. Really good stuff, your aesthetic is really coming together and you can tell even by your body language that...
Quote: Originally Posted by notwithit Yeah, the shift to Junya and whatnot makes sense and all, but I like this stuff more. (You look taller, too.) I actually prefer scott in junya. Jw gives 10x more swag than all brack evrything.
Quote: Originally Posted by reezy Snow what are those sneaks? Kva
Quote: Originally Posted by g transistor I think it would look better with something besides a tee. Tee + jacket almost always makes you look like an H&M fashionista, especially with Aldens lol thats exactly what i thought when i put it together. i love blazer + tee though
from the weekend... alexander mcqueen - neil barrett - dior homme - alden i would normally have gone with lanvin captoes but trying to break in the cordo as fast as possible.
now at $70
Quote: Originally Posted by nicelynice Some dude posted a fit pic on SZ, looked awesome as hell really? i must've missed it. pics pleaz Quote: Originally Posted by xccx pics.... i love the leather but it doesn't look very good on you. the rest of your clothes is way too mall brandish for a runway piece like that, and cut of the jacket is not flattering to your body. For the jacket is too "overdesigned"...
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