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I like everything except for the henley top. I think a looser top would've been better.
Prayers for jet and his family. May he RIP.
thanks man. just felt like wearing the vass today, didn't put that much thought into it. in hindsight, i like how the pointy-ness of the boots works with the rope shoulders of the pier blazer. but yeah i see how raf derbies would work well with the fit also.
fit pic pleaz
[[SPOILER]] Peir WuAnn DemeulemeesterJil SanderVass
nice herp. one of my favorite schneider fits.
Morgan's got that Philip Crangi vibe
what about schneider did he have problems with specifically? i feel like the label fits in to your stores philosophy pretty well. maybe he just hates sw&d and don't want us shopping in the same store but more importantly, where can i get those hangers?!?!?!
those are really nice.
you despise margielas and ann d shoes too then? their signature trainers look exactly like gat's and chucks. the og rick dunks ripped off af1's (even the logo). raf didn't even bother renaming the vandals. designers copy classic sneaker designs all the time.
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