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haha is it really? @gettoasty
ln-cc is my favorite. i still have all the boxes and bracelets.
Drake's for the wedding season
check out brooklyn tailors. they have bunch of shirts on sale for under 100.
[[SPOILER]] @futuresailors, not sure if i love it or hate it. some great pieces either way @in stitches, oh i heard kamakura is nice and reasonably priced. ask @gettoasty
i used to wear a lot of gitmans but they are kind of pricey.these days i wear mostly uniqlo slim ocbd. great for layering with knits.
[[SPOILER]] it's a great jacket. i let go of mine because the tech fabric on the body was too futuristic for my aesthetics. planning to purchase the aw14 wool version.
My favorite fit from you CSA. I like Brad's fit. Tho I would prefer no vest/cardigan thingy.
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