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@tagutcow has to be the most unyielding poster ever. A+ for consistency. Don't ever change man.
Link pleaz
From the AW07 collection Thick, warm, stretchy, and absolutely luxurious wool blend with interwoven metallic threads. Material is one of the best the label ever produced under Raf Simons. One corner of the material comp. tag has detached, an easy fix. Made in Italy Measurements: Shoulders : 40 cm Sleeves: 66 cm Chest: 48 cm Length: 67 cm Tagged 48 but fits small best for size 46 325 USD + shipping and fees
[[SPOILER]] love gosha. i have the paccbet shirt and socks myself
haha is it really? @gettoasty
ln-cc is my favorite. i still have all the boxes and bracelets.
Drake's for the wedding season
check out brooklyn tailors. they have bunch of shirts on sale for under 100.
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