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Hahaha both shelves are at their max capacity! I'll put the books back for my next pic...
Yeah they are Sapien bookshelves from DWR. I highly recommend them. I plan to get a few more. I've seen some replicas, and I would say they are not worth it.
dreez jil stan
wow i'm really bad at iPhone fit pics...
I think I had my dior 19cm and raf derbies for about 4 years now. I have pieces that are much older but I'm not the first owner.
and mae oon ttang.
SLP Classic Biker someone talk me out of this...
oh man, i didn't realize she had a blog.
I wrote Ann D off after her retirement but the new collection looks really good. Nice to see departure from screen prints. JJVE looks awesome. Are the sneakers his? Can't really tell but looks like Ann D chucks and Balenciaga Arenas hybrid. Me like.
For a sec I thought you said "why did @in sitches abandon us?"
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