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SLP Classic Biker someone talk me out of this...
oh man, i didn't realize she had a blog.
I wrote Ann D off after her retirement but the new collection looks really good. Nice to see departure from screen prints. JJVE looks awesome. Are the sneakers his? Can't really tell but looks like Ann D chucks and Balenciaga Arenas hybrid. Me like.
For a sec I thought you said "why did @in sitches abandon us?"
+1 . Rick also can look good on big dudes i.e. Kunk.
I stopped bench/squat/dl because I couldn't fit into my clothes anymore. Now my gym buddies won't even talk to me T_____T
@thewho13 yeah too bad I couldn't join you last night. Another Chicago meet-up in the near future
LOL overhead shots are the best. You would have to confront the man himself. I just took him at his word
Met @Shah this morning and chatted over some Intelligentsia coffee. Super cool dude he was wearing: yohji something yohji chucks me: raf, lanvin, stan smiths Forgot to take a fit pic
holy crap
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