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[[SPOILER]] awesome jacket
Good thing no one in CM is my size :P
Oh man, I was hoping in stitches was inquiring about 15.5cm jeans. Got me excited for no reason
@VersatilePlayer You seem like a nice guy, and you should def lurk around. Not sure about posting fit pics here, for the very reason that you've stated.
@StanleyVanBuren, that is one of my favorites from you @conceptionist, I like everything minus the socks and the sneakers. No socks or socks with derbies/oxfords may be better.
I need this
[[SPOILER]] I like this a lot
I would have instakopped Yang Li bomber and viscose blazer if they were size 46
Hm... I thought all the Dries pieces that I've tried fit more relaxed than the others brands that I usually wear... I bought a suit a few months ago and I almost returned it bc of slightly roped shoulders and jacket was not slim enough in the waist (I decided against it and I love the suit now that I've gotten used to it). The camo shirt I recently purchased fit pretty loose as well. It's all relative I suppose
i don't get it either...
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