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If you use the search function there are some threads that discuss vests specifically in which are listed various locations to obtain light or dove gray vests. Good luck, and good choice not going with black. G
I pay 35-40 for the waist, but the tailor is great and finishes it so it looks identical to the factory finish, it's worth it. G
I think you should email him per his earlier suggestion. Quote: Originally Posted by changejobs Hi, is it still available? can u send picture and measurements? Quote: Originally Posted by discostu004 Never done this, but I just sold my house and bought another so I thought I'd sell off some stuff I don't wear but wanted to check interest first. Here is what I can think of: Kiton cash/linen emerald green plaid euro 58L worn a few times can...
Can you provide measurements for the Corneliani steel grey suit? Thanks, G
Would you mind checking the shoulder measurement? It seems off compared to other Zegna's I own. Thank you, G
I'm looking for a reasonably priced solid charcoal suit in size 42-44R, depending on the measurements. Price I'm willing to pay depends on age/condition/style of suit. Thank you, G
$10 or $10 off? I'm guessing I know the answer, but I want clarification so there is no confusion.
Congrats, First day: suit and tie Anytime you're going to be in the courtroom for proceedings/hearings: Suit and tie Everyday: hang a suit and matching tie on the back of the door (you'll likely share an office with at least one other intern, so work it out as to where you'll store your clothes). Every other day: whatever you feel comfortable in, trousers, shirt, tie and jacket (this is what I normally do as a clerk). Just be comfortable in what you wear and don't...
Quote: Originally Posted by haganah Why didn't you just wait it out and even take a discount on it? It still makes no sense to me. And why did you post all this without waiting until the judgement? Probably because he feels that he doesn't need an arbitration decision to think he's in the right. No comment on whether that's the case given the, thus far, one-sided presentation of the story. Additionally, he could have been motivated by...
Here's another one considering almost nobody follows the minimum bump rules.
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