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Why don't you try emailing the seller? I'm sure you could work something out.
Look on ebay under the vintage clothing section. I got a nice worn in leather belt off of ebay for maybe $10.
I dunno I guess I could be wrong too. I figured the SO500XX was already out since places like D-Stock have them up on their rakuten webpages, but I guess they could just be pre-order right now.
I also got an email back from Toshiko, according to the email it looks like the jeans won't ship out intil the 10th of October. I'm guessing its going to take that long since Samurai is doing the special leather patch for the contest.
I've got all the info you need for the denim contest, I checked my superfuture messages right before it went down. Toskiko's email is What you need to do is email your size, name, adress, and all of the credit card info (brand, number, exp date). For the subject put Contest Order.
This Marc by Marc Jacobs one looks pretty much the same.
Dsquared did it for their F/W 2006 runway. I'm not sure how much I care for it but I'm sure some people could pull it off.
American Apparel makes one that looks pretty much exactly like the one James Dean has on.
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