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I'm sure plenty of SF-ers have been disappointed to be shut out on an exclusive make-up, but the negative comments seem unfair. The LS website has always stated plainly and honestly that they are primarily a bricks and mortar retailer. Moreover, if you call (as the LS website suggests) and ask, they will tell you whether they have any shoes available in a particular make-up that's on order. If all the pairs in the order aren't already spoken for, they will gladly take a...
Alden 975 #8 Cordovan Longwing Blucher 10C Include dust bags & original box. Asking $SOLD shipped CONUS. For your consideration, SF: These were a special order (at full special order price) through Madison Ave. shop & received (after long wait) in June, 2010. C widths are not a stock size and Alden retailers generally do not carry them. Like-new condition, shoes have never seen rain or snow/sleet/ice/slush/salt. No scuffs, scrapes, or dings. Topy-ed with Italian-made...
Quote: Originally Posted by rnoldh Dunno about that. I think she is just an Alaskan of Butter Ball variety, with chubby arms. I could see this, except that the weight gain looks so dramatic when they keep cutting back and forth between video of her at the beginning and now at the end. It isn't just that it's in her face and neck, but her outfit looked like it was hugging a baby bump - a bump which they showed her cupping her hands under...
Fine, I'll admit it, I'm watching the finale of Dancing With the Stars. Haven't seen any others this season, but I have certainly read about it plenty of times in the news. And my question is... WTF? Bristol Palin is completely, obviously pregnant. Why is no one saying anything about it?
Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc SEC is running their BB suit sale as well Extreme lolz. Fantastic.
Re: Remainder's suede wingtip boot - that is one distinguished looking boot. I heart the brass eyelets.
Quote: Originally Posted by phantomx48 Is it just me or did J. Crew take down all of their Alden stuff (probably has something to do with the 25% coupon they have for November)? They were there yesterday and now no more. Yes.
Sole Saver is a made in Italy vibram product. My cobbler uses it an I have no complaints.
Quote: Originally Posted by 020-banker I am quite sure the 1818 line is half canvassed. This is no longer true; they started introducing a few imported (i.e., made in China, etc.) 1818 sport coats that were full-canvas construction, followed by U.S.-made Southwick fully-canvassed Fitzgerald sport coats. Southwick is now making the Fitzgerald GF suits as well (fully-canvassed).
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh I just ordered a black fleece suit online . . . I work at a conservative bank, and am not looking for the usual Thom Browne signature cuts. If I shouldn't go in-house, what tailors would you guys recommend to me? That suit is unlikely to work for you regardless of tailoring - BBBF lapel width, etc. does not = conservative workplace attire. Edit: oops, second. See above.
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