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Alcibiades - A question on your point about the superior build quality of Vibergs as casual boots: I do not/have not owned Vibergs, but I do own both casual and dress Alden shoes/boots. It strikes me that even Alden's casual boots are really built more as dress boots (including Indys, etc.) rather than as tough service/work boots. E.g., Viberg (and other casual boot makers) use full thickness cxl, shell, etc., (which sometimes appears to be 1/8 inch thick!) and Alden...
Their new website is horrific. Yes, the discount will appear in the confirmation email. If it doesn't, just call them - or just call in the first place and skip the website. Their call center staff is not necessarily always pleasant, but BB is still very good on customer service.
There are a few new suede models from the past year or two that still have a range of sizes available, but all of their classic shell and calf models have been dropped -- there are very few standard width sizes remaining for any of them. If you can find a BB LHS in your size, I wouldn't wait.
It has become clear from the website over the past couple of years that much like O'Connell's, another venerable Alden retailer, BB has dropped all of their longtime Alden shell models - on the other hand, they seem to be stocking new one-off Alden suede offerings. It seems that BB shoes nowadays are pretty much AE, Rancourt, AS for Peal, and EG.
It wasn't quite that bad - I got on a "pre" preorder list in Nov. 13 (like a wish list for popular models on perpetual reorder). Order was confirmed late January, and arrived early August. Still - that's over 6 months from order confirmation for a CXL shoe, not even shell!
Thank you! I emailed to check status a couple of weeks ago but didn't hear back -- that might be why.
Is anyone on the list for the J. Gilbert #8 plaza straight tip boot? Is there a confirmed order yet for this fall?
Alden 40502HC Leather Soul Ultimate Indy 10D - Trubalance last, Brown CXL, commando sole - Brand New In Box - CONUS only Brand new, unlaced, unworn, not even tried on. I wish I had room to keep them, but I can't do it right now. I got on the waiting list for them in 11/13, and they arrived in August. Asking exactly what I paid (actually less than I paid with shipping from LS): $XXX shipped CONUS.
It's made in China or Thailand -- i.e., not an 1818 suit. BrooksCool suiting is "imported," and 80% of BB's sport coats are now "imported" as well.
BB mainline suits are made in the USA & Italy. There are frequent sales up to 25% off with use of a BB MasterCard, and you can stack an additional 10% off for your first purchase. Later in the fall there will also be a 30% off sale if you can obtain a corporate discount card.The suiting available through the "custom" feature on the website is made in Thailand or China -- thus the price difference. It is custom in the sense that you can select one of the fabrics they...
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