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Quote: Originally Posted by vitaminc SEC is running their BB suit sale as well Extreme lolz. Fantastic.
Re: Remainder's suede wingtip boot - that is one distinguished looking boot. I heart the brass eyelets.
Quote: Originally Posted by phantomx48 Is it just me or did J. Crew take down all of their Alden stuff (probably has something to do with the 25% coupon they have for November)? They were there yesterday and now no more. Yes.
Sole Saver is a made in Italy vibram product. My cobbler uses it an I have no complaints.
Quote: Originally Posted by 020-banker I am quite sure the 1818 line is half canvassed. This is no longer true; they started introducing a few imported (i.e., made in China, etc.) 1818 sport coats that were full-canvas construction, followed by U.S.-made Southwick fully-canvassed Fitzgerald sport coats. Southwick is now making the Fitzgerald GF suits as well (fully-canvassed).
Quote: Originally Posted by brianoh I just ordered a black fleece suit online . . . I work at a conservative bank, and am not looking for the usual Thom Browne signature cuts. If I shouldn't go in-house, what tailors would you guys recommend to me? That suit is unlikely to work for you regardless of tailoring - BBBF lapel width, etc. does not = conservative workplace attire. Edit: oops, second. See above.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jack2000 You sure? Those really look like my snap last brown suede blucher. I called Alden to verify the last on these because it fits so well: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...tionsize=#null I would be curious to know... I have read in a number of threads that they were Aberdeen-lasted, but I would guess the shell ones and the suede ones are on the same last. FWIW, I have never looked at the BB photos of...
Quote: Originally Posted by forex Anyone knows what last these bluchers are on? http://www.brooksbrothers.com/IWCatP...olor=Burgundy# Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Snap last - fits very similar to Hampton, i.e TTS. No - they are Aberdeen. My greatest Alden purchase regret to date -- although I had plenty of fair warning courtesy of SF, the toebox is as narrow as everyone says it is. The heel also runs...
Quote: Originally Posted by Joenobody0 I've been in the store numerous times. I've dealt with Jim, who seems courteous but unwilling to give definitive sizing advice, and another gentlemen (who used to be a cobbler but I can't recall his name) who told me straight out that he had been told by his manager (Jim) not to give sizing advice (due to liability in the case of a bad fit). To give you some perspective, neither gentlemen checked the position of the...
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