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I agree that it is a great deal - and yes, the Rue La La GF suits are Southwick rather than MG.
Brooks Brothers Alden Unlined #8 LHS - 9.5D Include BB trees (size medium), original blue felt bags & original box. Asking $325 shipped - CONUS only. These are in nearly new condition. I purchased them in 2009 and they have seen very little wear since. I am required to wear a suit & lace-up shoes daily for work, so I have never really had use for them. As much as the #8 LHS is a must-have shoe, I can't justify keeping these unused in the closet. I had toe-taps put...
The poster's point in responding to your question was not whether the Milano cut would fit you well, but rather that the slim lapels and short coat length of the Milano cut take it outside the traditional, appropriate-for-a-lawyer-office suit proportions. For that purpose, you will probably be better off with the Fitzgerald.
[[SPOILER]] Sorry, I am going to weigh in on the other side from what's been said above. It's unfortunate that such a beautiful pair of boots arrived with that scratch, but it's really a minor surface scuff. From the photo, it looks like it is just the wax on the surface of the shoe and will be almost gone with five minutes of brushing.If you don't feel like you want to keep them with the scratch, however, then just return them. Personally, I would not ask the retailer...
What about the stock Alden model in black calf on the plaza last? It does have that soft square plaza last toe, so maybe not exactly the classic you had in mind.
^ This. This is BB's Alden-made captoe: http://www.brooksbrothers.com/Cordovan-Perforated-Captoes/230H,default,pd.html?dwvar_230H_Color=BLCK&contentpos=4&cgid=0522
Yes - already got postcard last week for 25% off w/ BB card 10/26 - 11/4.
To be fair, it's a rare day when anyone around here can correct you on something. I also thought that "MG" in the label was an odd coincidence. Also, having looked at the new Italian-made GF stuff in the stores right now, it seems inferior in construction and finishing to the Southwick products. I was not impressed. Obviously, neither the Southwick or Lardini really hold a candle to Greenfield.
New Shoes1 - Yes, if you read that thread, and if you had read the linked discussion of the issue that took place on AAAC, you would have learned that the OP of the thread was incorrect. Greenfield stopped making OTR Golden Fleece tailored clothing for BB in 2009, and has only done GF MTM for them since. Starting in 2010, GF tailored clothing was made by Southwick. It is the Southwick product that was the subject of the recall in 2011.
Steve - That's the problem. Your photo is of a Southwick label and a Southwick-made suit from 2010, not a pre-2009 Martin Greenfield one. This is a Greenfield label - note the Summer 07 manufacture date. Greenfield OTR GF suits were British fabric, and very rarely had fabric labels sewed in (on occasion some did). New Shoes1 - you are incorrect. Greenfield OTR Golden Fleece suits were not recalled, it was the Southwick-made Golden Fleece suits that were recalled. ...
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