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I'm sorry but in zazaza's defense: (a) this is the alden thread, not the B&S forum and (b) if you want to sell a pair of Aldens, it's kind of ridiculous to post about the exact price for a half-off deal you wrangled from a retailer, wear them, and then a month later post them for sale at a far higher price. Otherwise, yes, it is a reasonable price.
Sorry, but how does that solve the mystery? Both tags from two different Nordstrom private label coats have the same RN - and if you look up that RN, both are registered to Nordstrom.
That's not a Southwick tag. There's no way they are selling a full canvas construction, Southwick-made coat at $600 list. List price on a standard half-canvas Southwick coat would be about $600, however.
FWIW, I note that references to the restoration program have been removed from both the Alden and Alden SF sites.
What's that sleeve measurement again? NVM.
I think the problem is this: these boots are now out of stock everywhere, meaning that they have been cancelled or at least will not be restocked until another season i.e., next fall/winter. The remaining inventory that people purchased during the holidays were likely pairs returned by other customers or unsold in the first place due to small imperfections like unmatched coloring, etc. As long as you are OK with them for the price you paid, then you got a great deal. ...
To double confirm: I also emailed Orvis customer service, and this was the response: "The Alden Cordovan Shoe (item 5C45) is crafted on the Tremont last. This is similar to the Barrie last. I hope this information is helpful. "
Thank you for that helpful insight. Like many here, my Alden collection numbers in the double digits, so I am fairly familiar with what I am buying. The point of my post, which was not clear, was that I expected to receive a beat-up pair of previously returned boots. Instead, I got new boots, albeit a pair that was nonetheless defective because it was dyed incorrectly. I have never seen a new pair of #8 in such a light red color - and that includes visits to Alden SF,...
Nope. The BB perf. toe on the left is on BB's "Snap" last, which is close to the Hampton, but more rounded, and the J.Crew boot obviously is Barrie last.
I got a shipping notice this week from J.Crew for a pair of #8 captoe boots originally scheduled for shipment in mid-January. I figured that I would be getting a beat-up pair that had been returned by at least one previous buyer, and that they would soon be on their way back to J.Crew. When I received them, to my surprise, they were a pretty much flawless specimen - stitching was all perfect, clearly unworn with no creasing or markings on the soles. As many others have...
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