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Agreed. And really, I wouldn't say actual Alden commando sole itself is "integrated" into the outsole -- the thin commando sole is the same as the one used by Moulded here, Alden just uses a crepe or some other rubber insert at the toe above the commando sole.
Shawnc - [[SPOILER]] This is a listing that belongs in the marketplace, not a PSA. It does not belong in this thread.
+1. There are really two guiding factors: (1) the house is going to sell for what someone is willing to pay. In that sense, it is "worth" whatever the offer is that the seller accepts. If you want the house, you will have to offer more than the other buyer does. If you are looking in a tight market, and the other buyer thinks it is worth asking price, then it is. (2) As an upper limit, however - if there is financing involved, the house will have to appraise out at...
Brooks Brothers Peal & Co. Color 8 Cordovan Straight Tip Boot w/ Dainite Sole 10.5D, Crockett & Jones 240 last, incl. box and bags (not pictured). Purchased in January 2012. These are marked 10.5D. I wear 10D in Alden Barrie last (near perfect fit), 10.5D Alden Plaza (slightly long fit), and 10.5D in Ralph Lauren Marlow by C&J (perfect to slightly snug). These Peal boots have always been just a bit too generous for my foot (maybe a .25 size) - the toe box on the 10D...
Respectfully, you might want to consider whether you really possess the experience and expertise in residential real estate to go it alone.First of all, any decent buyer's agent isn't going to hound you, he or she is going to help you find the right house and navigate the entire purchase process.Second, it doesn't cost you anything - you aren't paying the commission to your buyer's agent, the seller is. If you buy without an agent, the listing broker is going to be paid...
This is not true for the 2 suit deal. The 2 suit price will disappear from the website on the 17th and most SAs will not honor it.
BB Captoes are Snap last, I believe. LHS is Van last, although some folks have said it's Copley.
I agree that it is a great deal - and yes, the Rue La La GF suits are Southwick rather than MG.
Brooks Brothers Alden Unlined #8 LHS - 9.5D Include BB trees (size medium), original blue felt bags & original box. Asking $325 shipped - CONUS only. These are in nearly new condition. I purchased them in 2009 and they have seen very little wear since. I am required to wear a suit & lace-up shoes daily for work, so I have never really had use for them. As much as the #8 LHS is a must-have shoe, I can't justify keeping these unused in the closet. I had toe-taps put...
The poster's point in responding to your question was not whether the Milano cut would fit you well, but rather that the slim lapels and short coat length of the Milano cut take it outside the traditional, appropriate-for-a-lawyer-office suit proportions. For that purpose, you will probably be better off with the Fitzgerald.
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