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They look outstanding, enjoy! Sorry to hear about the UP$ damage though.
Are those Grant/commando from DC or J.Gilbert plaza?
Also, this has been mentioned here before (but probably not often enough - after a few years, even whiskey that was originally light in color will darken to a ravello reddish-brown.
25% w/ BB card 11/13-11/17
Edited. Better? I don't believe any shell models have been restocked in quite some time.
I can't believe these are no longer available. Like all the BB Alden shell models, it's a classic. I wish I hadn't gotten rid of any of them (this shoe in black, straight tip in black, #8 LHS, argh...) Edited
Alden Leather Soul Ultimate Indy 40502HC size 10D Trubalance last, Brown CXL, commando sole Brand New In Box, unworn - CONUS only please Unlaced, unworn, not even tried on. I wish I had room to keep them, but I can't do it right now. I got on the waiting list for them in 11/13, and they arrived in August. Asking exactly what I paid (actually less than I paid with shipping from LS): $XXX shipped CONUS.
Alcibiades - A question on your point about the superior build quality of Vibergs as casual boots: I do not/have not owned Vibergs, but I do own both casual and dress Alden shoes/boots. It strikes me that even Alden's casual boots are really built more as dress boots (including Indys, etc.) rather than as tough service/work boots. E.g., Viberg (and other casual boot makers) use full thickness cxl, shell, etc., (which sometimes appears to be 1/8 inch thick!) and Alden...
Their new website is horrific. Yes, the discount will appear in the confirmation email. If it doesn't, just call them - or just call in the first place and skip the website. Their call center staff is not necessarily always pleasant, but BB is still very good on customer service.
There are a few new suede models from the past year or two that still have a range of sizes available, but all of their classic shell and calf models have been dropped -- there are very few standard width sizes remaining for any of them. If you can find a BB LHS in your size, I wouldn't wait.
New Posts  All Forums: