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Just to add an opposing viewpoint - I also wear #8 and black boots with suit frequently, but for me, brass eyelets would take a boot out of the range of suit-appropriate. That's my $0.02.
I will add: BB has, at times over the years, offered a non-Horween color 8 cordovan attache case at $4k (still over $2k during SA sale), and the price of this gorgeous bag from the Bureau makes clear just how ridiculously overpriced the BB one is.
Great looking pair of boots, and great job getting them glowing again. You probably already got this info from mdubs, but those are not old -- the number on the inside lining indicates that they were made in 2013. Wear in good health.
Lined-tongue depends on the boot or shoe. Some are, some are not. 9 eyelet shell boots usually not, but shell chukkas are.
I would get a new (and not dishonest) SA! They will definitely be on sale - probably 30% off + the 12/26 15% kicker.
BB ownership of Southwick has been amazingly successful for Southwick employees, for Haverhill, Mass., and for USA-made tailored clothing in general. Before BB acquired it, Southwick was on the verge of closing up shop in Lawrence, Mass. and moving all its manufacturing to Asia. BB bought it and built out a new factory in nearby Haverhill (keeping all the employees and adding many new ones in recent years) and is now taking over a massive empty Lowe's store that closed a...
Great boots and no longer available! I sold mine a couple of years ago for the exact same reason - marked 10 1/2 D but they were maybe a 1/4 - 1/2 size long (more like an 11). I always wanted them to fit but they were just too big. I am a 10 1/2 D for Alden Plaza/Hampton/etc. and a 10 D for Barrie. I have a pair of the black calf ones in size 10D that fit fine in length, albeit a little snug in the toe. I tried a 10D in these and it felt too tight. I would buy them...
Congrats on the great deal -- but those are not C&J or even AS. I think someone recognized them as Loake a few pages back.
They look outstanding, enjoy! Sorry to hear about the UP$ damage though.
Are those Grant/commando from DC or J.Gilbert plaza?
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