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I've done it - I couldn't find anywhere around me that had dovetail heels. B. Nelson work was great, but as you would expect, it was expensive. $65 incl. shipping. a few years ago.
BB reduced their standard tie width to 3.25 several years ago.
BrooksCool & "Custom" are made in China; 1818 are made in USA & Italy.
Whatever you do, don't start any tile work without spending some time reading up on all the expertise available from the John Bridge site - good luck! I do think the pro approach would be to remove an existing granite (or whatever) backsplash sits on your countertop and tile the backsplash right down to the counter surface.
No, if you are using Hardibacker, you would be demo-ing/cutting out the underlying drywall and screwing the hardibacker to the wall studs, not installing it over the drywall. In fact, cement backerboard is slightly thinner than drywall, 3/8 rather than 1/2.It is really not necessary to do this for a backsplash, IMO. Just mortar and install tile right over the drywall.The purpose of cement backer is not better adhesion or even water resistance, but rather to prevent...
That is simply overdye from Alden. It is perfectly normal, and has nothing to do with how long ago the shoes were made.* EDIT - I can see the eyelet tarnish. From the first number inside the shoe, they appear to have been made in either 2014 or perhaps 2004. Unlikely that they are older than that.
Southwick EFF suit has arrived - charcoal pique. To be fair, Southwick is pretty close by. Thank you @epaulet!
I ordered the charcoal pique for precisely that use.Also, what about the oxford grey flannela?
Before the sky falls -- the price increase is for the made in the USA ones only.
Any more midweight/suiting fabrics coming? Love the selection so far, just wanted to check before ordering.
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