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Yes to a try-on shirt - AND SUITING - program. I would gladly pay $15-25 whatever it would be for shipping both ways to have a try-on option.
They closed out #8 LWB at $199. Sigh.
1. No, that's AE.2. Yes.
I guess I should have read more carefully before instakopping.
Also brings these lacquered chopsticks, chopsticks rest, and two piece rice bowl down from $1900 retail to $700 and change.
Those are fine. I would not even consider sending them back. Enjoy and wear in good health -
Alden well wishes of the highest order.
Color 8 "patina" takes time - like years. The purple slowly becomes a rich brown.
I've done it - I couldn't find anywhere around me that had dovetail heels. B. Nelson work was great, but as you would expect, it was expensive. $65 incl. shipping. a few years ago.
BB reduced their standard tie width to 3.25 several years ago.
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