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Southwick EFF suit has arrived - charcoal pique. To be fair, Southwick is pretty close by. Thank you @epaulet!
I ordered the charcoal pique for precisely that use.Also, what about the oxford grey flannela?
Before the sky falls -- the price increase is for the made in the USA ones only.
Any more midweight/suiting fabrics coming? Love the selection so far, just wanted to check before ordering.
Perfect! Thank you, Mike! @epaulet
Epaulet x Southwick suit/sportcoat size question -- shoulder width I own an Ep x Southwick overcoat from several years ago, some Walts and casual items (hoodies). I have been very happy with all of them and with my Epaulet experiences. I have found the overcoat a touch narrow in the shoulders and upper arms (at least with a coat underneath). - it's a 40R. I wear BB Fitzgerald and Milano in 39L with no problems -- but the BB shoulder measurements are closer to 18 in....
Neither of those issues is even a flaw. The boots are fine. Wear in good health.
It has appeared for a while that BB has dropped Alden shell. Take a look at the sizes available for any of the remaining shell models -- they don't appear to have restocked any shell models in a couple of years. Unless you are after a black loafer (tassel, full strap or LHS), you will find very few remaining common sizes & widths.
I have to agree that I find Milano fit to be very short in jacket length. I am 6 ft. and I go up to a 39L in Milano. Fit is great for me.As for the GF in Milano, I don't find any of the GF offerings very compelling right now. The GF line is made in Italy by Lardini, and even at 30%, it's way overpriced. I would expect Caruso or Corneliani at that price point.
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