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1. No, that's AE.2. Yes.
I guess I should have read more carefully before instakopping.
Also brings these lacquered chopsticks, chopsticks rest, and two piece rice bowl down from $1900 retail to $700 and change.
Those are fine. I would not even consider sending them back. Enjoy and wear in good health -
Alden well wishes of the highest order.
Color 8 "patina" takes time - like years. The purple slowly becomes a rich brown.
I've done it - I couldn't find anywhere around me that had dovetail heels. B. Nelson work was great, but as you would expect, it was expensive. $65 incl. shipping. a few years ago.
BB reduced their standard tie width to 3.25 several years ago.
BrooksCool & "Custom" are made in China; 1818 are made in USA & Italy.
Whatever you do, don't start any tile work without spending some time reading up on all the expertise available from the John Bridge site - good luck! I do think the pro approach would be to remove an existing granite (or whatever) backsplash sits on your countertop and tile the backsplash right down to the counter surface.
New Posts  All Forums: