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Absolutely. Thank you Apropos and Newcomer for the responses, and let the tough criticisms flow (it is only thus that we can improve!).
Thank you RogerP.Will be posting up pictures of my Cream dial shortly.The completed prototype watch will also be posted up in the next few days. I am waiting for a bespoke strap from SF favourite Hughes Handcrafted, to properly show its beauty off!
Thank you Culverwood, I am merely an amateur watch designer but a relatively experienced watch collector, so I hope punters like and enjoy my designs. For me, a watch is like a pair of fine shoes. These are accessories first and foremost, and should constitute an understated component of a gentlemen's ensemble. A watch should not stand out in a thuggish manner; a huge, gaudy multi-coloured watch is like a pair of bright blue exotic shoes.Mind you I am hardly a shrinking...
Rangoon Navy Chalkstripe soon to be made up into a DB suit with scalloped-bellied lapel DB waistcoat. Waistcoat will be worn in autumn with the suit.
Hi Apropos, thank you for your feedback. I will deal with your reply methodically (lawyer bug, sorry!).Firstly, you can certainly give feedback as long as it is civil. That is the whole point of me posting the status of my endeavour on this thread. But to be honest I take offence at some of your ways of phrasing. And also the assumption that if something is not emotionally evocative, that it must be very, very bad (I will not repeat your exact words here).I agree with you...
Here is what a pair of true artisanal blued steel hands look like. These hands, destined for the prototype Imperial, are individually blued by hand and tweezer over a 300 degree flame, rather than being placed in a tray in large batches to be heated in an oven, in the case of other high-end watch brands. Blued hands used to be made exclusively in this way for centuries, until the plague of cost-cutting and economic avarice led even the grand old names to surrender to the...
Thanks Newcomer! Updates will be coming rapidly in the next 2 weeks, as the prototype watch and 10 dials are being assembled and photographed. They will also be featured on a well-known watch blog as a world exclusive (can't reveal more details yet).
And here's a shot of the Prototype Dial in Imperial Red. The completed watch should be with us by end next week.
An artisan watch is born...
Have 5m of Navy chalkstripe Rangoon to let go. Please PM for details.
New Posts  All Forums: