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"DLJr, how is the NOMOS world time on the wrist? I have never tried it on, but it definitely appeals to me. Ben at Hodinkee always rocks it well." It's a good fit for most wrists (unless you're bigfoot ) and the case wears pretty thin. A friend of mine has one. Interesting true in-house complication, but a bit pricey for Nomos. Speaking of which, what do folks think of the top-end Nomos's, the ones that compete in price with ALS and VC? I personally thought that was a...
Big fan of the two Nomos's on DlJr's list, and especially like the shade of the blue Zurich. That Fred Constant is also great value for a nice moon phase, a worthy competitor to the JLC MUT imho.
Hey guys! Haven't posted here in ages with all the busyness with the various watch fairs in the last couple months and launching my CELADON brand and my upcoming Swiss hyper car watch , I see you've all been digesting the upcoming launches at Basel. There's going to be lots of cool new watches this year from all the major brands. Went to the Cleverley bespoke trunk show last week, and this is what I wore... )
Thanks buddy! I can't wait myself to see the happy faces of their new owners, and to see my watches worn in the wild (for some folks, literally).Thanks for your well wishes and kind words! It is my great honor to be a part of this community! The next few days and next week will be especially exciting as I expect the watches to reach me and the leather cases to be completed. The Red dial is looking very, very nice in the flesh. Perfect for Christmas and the New Year...
Just to update the 15 or so guys here who've ordered my watch , I have excellent news! The Manufactory confirmed this morning that all 100 pieces of the Imperial First Series have been fully completed, and are now undergoing testing and inspection before delivery to me. Looks like the Imperials will be in time for the TWAT NYC meeting on the 19th Can' wait! The prototype Celadon Leather Watch Case was completed yesterday and looks very, very impressive in the flesh. It...
Thanks guys! If you read my brief on the box (http://maisonceladon.tumblr.com/post/57649759566/in-honour-of-the-inauguration-of-the-celadon), it's almost as if you both read my mind! Save space at home, perfect for travel, beautiful etc.
Quick question, what do you guys think of this leather case I've designed for my watch? Rugged cow leather, red exterior, tan suede interior. Can function as a travel trinket tray. And is further contained in a handmade paper box.
Thanks Dino! I actually prefer the NY boutique edition 1921, the one with big luminous Arabic numerals like the original vintage VC. I wear my watches on the right hand so neither work for me (unless I go bespoke!).Love the Historiques line too, although they carry a huge premium over the Patrimony line while still sharing the same movements. A sentiment echoed among the VC community as well.25k for the 1921 was not cheap, but 40k is just crazy!I think the current...
Nice watches, I actually got to see all 3 at the W&W event. Lemme see if I can find the pics...The Reverso Gyro is sexxxy.Would still prefer Newcomer's avatar though.
Real nice Frilly!
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