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Thank you! You most definitely will.
The problem with Patek isnt the availability of servicing, it is the cost of servicing. It starts at 4 figures and can easily go into the high 5 digits especially for vintage complications. Same with Vacheron. In theory yes they can handmake a part from scratch, but will the cost be ludicrous?If they dont wish to service a watch they will simply quote an astronomical figure. And you cannot take the watch elsewhere for servicing. Even if you did go to the source, you would...
Oh I have no doubt there is some cloak and daggers involved. Someone really should do a carbon dating or DNA test on the skins to test their real age. Would be great for a documentary.
Thank you Dino! I chose tan because of how it harmonises with the aged lume of the hands.Pics of the animal whence it came
I think the Lange way is more purist and admirable/desirable for a high-end company, but the Patek way is more pragmatic. Personally I think using more ubiquitous movements makes servicing easier and thus cheaper, but Patek should then price themselves accordingly, which they are unlikely to given their vast brand equity. The cal 240 is easily trumped by, for example, the Pf 701 in the Tonda you saw. Finishing, materials, bridge design etc.Patek is well-known in the...
The Rake did an article some time back on the Russian reindeer saga. Apparently the divers that are licensed to go down have retired or are retiring. For the last few years Clev has been lining the Russian shoes with calf instead of Russian reindeer as in the old days, indicating a dwindling supply. I specifically requested they line mine with the good stuff, and they did. George Jr told me the hides would be running out in a year or two. Might be salesman talk though....
Second pair from Ed et al. Caramel suede butterfly loafers with contrast welt stitching.
Did you guys see the thread about the JLC 1000 hours falling off ? http://jlc.watchprosite.com/show-forumpost/fi-2/pi-5724858/ti-844448/s-0/ That it is actually glued on such a watch really leaves a bad taste.
I examined the JLC master tourbillons with a loupe - finishing could definitely be improved. Hardly any hand-done anglage. I guess for 40k or so that is what the Swiss guys think you should expect. In comparison checking out the Vacheron Patrimony and Malte tourbillons and the Lange Cabaret tourbillon (latter two with sublime form movements!) was an exercise in horological intercourse.
Thanks Dino, the B is quite nicely done in the flesh with well-shaped notches.Romp - strap is by Hughes Low
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