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I think Lange has some sort of special super hard gold, can't remember what they call it (honey gold or something), but they only use it for their higher-end pieces.
One thing about 14k is that they tended to be the standard adopted by French and the majority of US casemakers. In the vintage era Swiss brands would ship over the movements to, for example, the US, and then have them cased up by case factories in the US to get around prohibitive taxes. So there was some variance, for better or worse, in many of these vintage pieces.14k is actually quite a good composition - very hardy and practical. It's still favored for fountain pen...
I've seen the Double Split in person - its movement is pretty impressive.It's really big though, a little tough to wear. Heavy as heck too.
I think part of the dinner plate feel with the Sax Thin is the combination of largish case, small lugs and flat crystal. Had it been a bit curvier all round, it might have mitigated that flat effect.There's one piece of the 38.5mm 1815 at the SG boutique if you're looking btw.Maybe check out the Richard Lange as well? The movement is a bit more interesting than the 1815 and Saxonias.
I tried the new smaller 1815 the other day and thought it was very nicely proportioned - a nice return to Lange's smaller sizes when they first launched. I think it and the VC's movement is a step up in finishing compared to the Calatrava, and also some of the VC small seconds special editions are pretty stylish while still remaining elegant (the slate grey dial, the Paris boutique special etc)The Saxonia Thin would have been a gorgeous watch, had it been just 2 or 3mm...
That Cartier Tank mimi and DlJr posted is a pretty watch, only thing is the ETA 2892 movement which makes the price a little unconscionable. Did you guys know that Cartier's watch department accounts for half the brand's revenue, and Cartier in turn accounts for half of Richemont's revenue? So Cartier's watches effectively contribute a quarter of Richemont's total revenue (which was around 10 billion CHF in 2012 before the slowdown if I recall)
Yeah absolutely. The movements are nice and the designs are original (but a little of an acquired taste for me), but somehow Nomos has done too good a job of being the go-to under 5k insider wis brand. I think they should have done a few watches around the JLC price and slowly move up (sort of what many of the Richemont brands are doing themselves). To overreach to that price range was a little tricky, but who knows, maybe they do have a hardcore market in Germany.Agree...
Thanks Don! I'm just participating here as a civilian I just started doing up my website literally yesterday so it's still in "Under Construction" mode - only 1/3 the pages are done. If anyone needs info, just PM me.Been insanely busy over the past year launching two watch brands, but I hope to participate more in TWAT now that I'm a little more free after a looong hiatus!
"DLJr, how is the NOMOS world time on the wrist? I have never tried it on, but it definitely appeals to me. Ben at Hodinkee always rocks it well." It's a good fit for most wrists (unless you're bigfoot ) and the case wears pretty thin. A friend of mine has one. Interesting true in-house complication, but a bit pricey for Nomos. Speaking of which, what do folks think of the top-end Nomos's, the ones that compete in price with ALS and VC? I personally thought that was a...
Big fan of the two Nomos's on DlJr's list, and especially like the shade of the blue Zurich. That Fred Constant is also great value for a nice moon phase, a worthy competitor to the JLC MUT imho.
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