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Thanks guys! If you read my brief on the box (http://maisonceladon.tumblr.com/post/57649759566/in-honour-of-the-inauguration-of-the-celadon), it's almost as if you both read my mind! Save space at home, perfect for travel, beautiful etc.
Quick question, what do you guys think of this leather case I've designed for my watch? Rugged cow leather, red exterior, tan suede interior. Can function as a travel trinket tray. And is further contained in a handmade paper box.
Thanks Dino! I actually prefer the NY boutique edition 1921, the one with big luminous Arabic numerals like the original vintage VC. I wear my watches on the right hand so neither work for me (unless I go bespoke!).Love the Historiques line too, although they carry a huge premium over the Patrimony line while still sharing the same movements. A sentiment echoed among the VC community as well.25k for the 1921 was not cheap, but 40k is just crazy!I think the current...
Nice watches, I actually got to see all 3 at the W&W event. Lemme see if I can find the pics...The Reverso Gyro is sexxxy.Would still prefer Newcomer's avatar though.
Real nice Frilly!
No idea but I think they're VC's own design, made by their in-house enamellers. It's a set of 3 for 2013 - they did a set last year too.Wanna see closer-up pics?
Oh it's pretty easy...Buy that big shiny watch with a hole in the dial, that has this funny moving revolving thingie. Then email their CEO Charlie with a pic asking for a matching bespoke espresso demitasse...
Thanks mate! More delicious pics in Part II to come...One question to you guys - any interest in seeing pics from the Van Cleef booth ? My partner was trying on the enamel dial watches. Sidenote (of clearly no importance ) - Van Cleef had by far the hottest models (not of the watch kind!)
As promised, photos from the Watches&Wonders event in HK last month... Part 1 - Entering the fair, and private viewing of novelties at the Vacheron Constantin salon And on my wrist...
Something like this Racing Green and Burnt Orange, two runs I currently have in production with W Bill that will be ready in time for the Singapore summer.
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