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Got it Empty.. Will most likely do it in linen. I think it's a better cloth than hemp in terms of wearability and comfort, and drape too. That should give some surface interest/texture to the pattern.
I like this too. Will update you guys if this pattern (probably'll change it a little for originality's sake) can be done.
Got it! I'm with you on all three, at the moment just waiting to hear back from the mill on what patterns are possible given the yarns available. This will be with W. Bill in case anyone was wondering, which still remains the best all-round linen for suiting I know of.I've still got some custom glenplaid from W. Bill left (the last 6.5m from a run I did last year) -And also the Bonfanti puppytooth 170/2 twill below -I've got these for the 200/2 twill due to be finished...
It was pretty good actually, though not tremendously better than the usual grass-fed steaks I have at home. I liked the thickness of the cut though, and the depth of flavour too. All in, a good piece of meat though a little overhyped. I had lots of other meals/dishes in Italy that were more impressive or satisfying.
Wearing a classic today, perfect for a sunny start to the weekend.. Shirtsleeves for chilling at the club and sportcoat later for dinner.. HAGWE folks!
With great pleasure shall I do this... and promise not to charge 100 GBP/m for cloth Yep I have those exactly in mind. Any particular colourways? I have a few pics which I'm going to upload.
PMed you
My Celadon Imperials accompanying me at Boeucc, the oldest restaurant in Milan, dining on proper Bistecca Fiorentina (made with Chianina beef).
Right now it's totally open, but I'm thinking classic colours like blue/cream, tan/cream etc. We could essentially recreate tweed or flannel patterns into spring/summer suiting+jacketing. I say suiting+jacketing because the resulting jacket could be worn as a sportcoat or part of a suit, adding to its versatility.
Great, anything in particular?
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