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Concordia, you have your wish! I'll be doing the sky blue and yellow after all.Pics here of the yellow and red ginghams (scroll a little further down to the second post) -http://chairmanx.blogspot.sg
Thanks. I think it'll be ok for daily wear. I have some Lino Arsenal shirts from Riva which are 180/2 I believe, and they've lasted for 4 years worn heavily.
Sorry for the late replies guys, been real busy with the launch of my new watch this week… I’ve seen all your PMs and there’re no problems with any of your requests (even the seersuckers!), will get round to answering them over the weekend. So we’ll do 3 shirting runs with Bonfanti to start with, and if everything goes according to plan, we’ll do some more in December! I’ve chosen these 3 designs for their rarity (I don’t think any of them exist in the market at anywhere...
Hi guys, to update on the Bonfanti shirtings - price-wise we're looking at 30-50 euros/m depending on type. Any requests for patterns? I'm thinking red gingham micro check, sky blue butcher stripe, and sky blue glen plaid to start... Any preference for cotton-linen vs pure cotton?
Hi guys! Just wanted to share something interesting with you guys here - I figured this might be of interest to fellas into both fine clothing and watches. So some time ago I commissioned a group of embroidery artists to create an embroidered silk dial out of my own personal design for installation into a piece unique watch. The design was to be painstakingly hand-stitched in silk in the traditional centuries-old method, made even more difficult given the small size of...
Classic stuff like houndstooths, puppytooths, glenplaids, tattersalls and ginghams
Fresco would be ultra-durable but a little scratchy for trousers. It'll retain its line well.You could look at Cacciopoli and Minnis for linen/wool.
Any folks interested in bespoke shirting runs in patterned linen-cotton, with Bonfanti?
I just flipped through my WBill swatch book and there aren't any green linens at all. The nearest ones that are vaguely green would be 60136 and 60137, both a very, very light sand-olive. Obviously night and day compared to the Racing Green
Ooh very nice. I was fortunate to visit the Piaget factory a while back and see how these Double Jeus were made. The case work is pretty interesting.
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