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I'm based in Singapore and spend some time of the year in HK. This is my day job Happy to help if you ever need some tips mate!Ben
No worries mate!
Yep, it was up there with Frilly's post a couple pages back.11,800 USD / 8,800 Euro in stainless steel…and perhaps even more intriguingly…17,700 USD / 12,900 Euro in solid platinum.
Cheers Mimo. As I recall the only production steel perpetuals around the price range of my own steel watch is the new MontBlanc at circa 12k, and the boutique-only JLC at 20k. Also the GO but that's around the price or higher than the JLC depending where you get it from. With the steel Seraphim I specifically designed the watch based on folks' complaints about the MontBlanc and JLC - subdials way too close together (because of the Dubois-Depraz module), gold indices on a...
Thanks for the feedback Frilly! My intention was exactly to price this watch very attractively - If you consider how much an entry-level plat piece from a top or even mid-range maker would cost (I think of all the high horology makers, Moser has the least expensive platinum watches), and even more so a platinum time-only watch (what more a QP!) from Patek or Lange, then I think the value becomes apparent.I know you have one (or was it two?) of the Patek ultra-thin QPs, so...
Hey guys... check out what I picked up at the local flea market that day.. A dime-store clock! ok just kidding... just wanted to post up a cool pic from when I visited Parmigiani in Switzerland. This special clock was on display for a few days, as the owner had sent it in for repair and servicing. This was a one-off that Michel Parmigiani did for him about two decades ago, and I was told that this was likely the only time the clock would enter the public eye. After...
Hey emptym! Second the suggestion for wire transfer, as the seller then has pretty much no risk. You might be exposed though, so as long as you're okay with that.I'm no bigwig on WUS but I'm happy to help out (PM him or whatever) if you need. I have a lot of references on WUS having sold a lot of watches there.
Quick question guys... What do you guys think of a nicely-finished steel Perpetual Calendar at 11,800 USD, and a platinum one at 17,700 USD (complete with gold rotor)? Sweet price?
lol yeap! I thought that too - for the prices they charge if I was CEO of Lange I would put this badass gold all across their range. That would give their entry-level models a greater competitive edge against their rivals.
So I was at the launch of the new JLC Geophysic 1958 last night in Singapore - had a great time checking out the watches and catching up with old friends. The new watches are quite pretty - simple and elegant. Although considering they are priced similarly to time-only Reversos in their respective metals, I think I'd still choose a Reverso. The new 1948 is tres chic. There was this badass leather bound JLC traveling trunk, which they apparently give you if you buy 3 grand...
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