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Testwearing my prototype Cabriolet jacket from Maison BCHH. This Sahariana has no padding/canvassing/lining whatsoever, and even after five years of frequent wear, still maintains its graceful lines and structure.
Was wondering which sportcoat to wear today for lunch, that would pair with both a Red dial and a Cream dial watch (friends wanted to check out both!).. Settled on a tweed gunclub...
Just an update for the guys that joined me in commissioning some custom Bonfanti shirting - the blue shirtings are finished and ready to ship (after some delay ), and the yellows should be out by next week. Will be PMing each of you individually on specifics! Stay tuned! And there're now more custom Bonfanti shirtings about to start production, including a heavyweight 200/2 striped poplin in classic colours!
Experimenting with macro...
Honing my humble watch photography skills with the little point & shoot... Showing the curvaceous teardrop lugs and high-quality milled case... A close-up showing the hand-engraved balance and escape cocks, done without a high magnification computer but rather with a vintage microscope. Apologies for the wear marks, I took these pictures in the morning casually without wiping down the watch!
Haha, thank you. And thank you.
Thanks TheWraith, I just grabbed that shot with a cheapo point-and-shoot. They're great for macro pics if you don't want to go for the whole pro set-up.Ben
Heading out for dinner now, with an old friend... Have a great Tuesday everyone!
It's totally uncanvassed. Built like a shirt, with just two layers of linen and nothing in between.
My Glenplaid Linen from WBill, still one of the most unique bespoke fabrics that I designed. Gorgeous as both a tie and a suit...
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