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Which one did you have in mind?
That's a real, classic navy. It's actually the historical Rangoon 113.Pics up close of the fabric (lighting isn't very good but it is navy) -
Yep over here - purple is actually a LOT darker in real life. It really looks navy unless directly under a spotlight, or very up close. It was designed specifically to be like that.
There is indeed, photo over here of it made up -
Ok guys, by now everyone should have been PMed with details. Let me know if anyone hasn't! Thanks to all for joining in with this incredible cloth, and for your patience in waiting. It will be worth it! As an aside, I also have some custom run cloth from last year ready to ship - 1. Rangoon navy chalkstripe, made to higher specs by me than the historical Rangoon (140 SGD/m) 2. Bonfanti canary yellow stripe etamine weave linen-cotton (55 euro/m) 3. Bonfanti sky blue check...
Sometimes feeling blue is feeling pretty awesome… Here’s wishing all of you a ludicrously fantastic week ahead!
Not at all Don! You've been a huuuge help with helping me organize everything, and we all know that a new baby takes priority over a custom cloth run (or does it... hmmm). In any case, a few days doesn't affect the timing much at all, I'll just try to get Harrisons to hurry up a bit. Don't worry friends, we are definitely full steam ahead at this point!
Hey PCK1, I'll be confirming the order on Monday with WBill. We were delayed a couple days because of waiting for some people to confirm, and some people hopping on at the last minute. I held off on sending PMs for the moment (I think I haven't replied to yours yet, sorry about that) but will be resuming sending out PMs today. Everyone should be replied to by end Sunday. Again sorry all for any delays and inconveniences.
Gearing up for an action-packed weekend with my Celadon Imperial, the watch that made one GQ Italia journalist gasp “Molto Elegante” upon seeing it in the steel... Have an absolutely wonderful weekend ahead friends, so awesome it makes last weekend green with envy
Will do @DLJr!
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