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Nice.. Are you going professional now? If you shoot often in low light, consider acquiring a Noctilux (the previous generation lenses are pretty affordable used, by Leica standards anyway). Just call it a work expense
Just guessing The shots look somewhat Summilux-ish
Are you using an M-system Frills?
Thanks Don.. Looks like I replied before seeing your post!
Fair enough, and I appreciate your more reasoned reply. My bad if I came across as sales pitchy, that was not my intention (I probably should've added prices and links if it was!). You may not have seen my other posts but I have posted wristshots of my various other watches like Reversos and Vacherons (my favourite Swiss marque) as well as photos from trips to SIHH in Geneva and Watches&Wonders in HK (the first and second one in 2013 and 2014, but I didn't manage to make...
Uh okayyy...
Gearing up for an action-packed weekend with my Celadon Imperial, the watch that made one GQ Italia journalist gasp “Molto Elegante” upon seeing it in the steel... Have an absolutely wonderful weekend ahead friends, so awesome it makes last weekend green with envy
Ok guys, I've put in the order for the Green Linen, and we might still be able to add in any interested parties later on so just PM me if you'd like to join in. Haven't finished replying to all PMs yet due to being caught up with Mid-Autumn festivities... Will do so today!
No definitely not, all the Bonfanti shirtings are custom runs in very unique patterns and colors. Anyway, he doesn't carry any non-solid etamine linen-cotton as I recall.
Sorry for the delays for anyone whose PM I haven't yet replied to. It's been pretty busy on my side, but I'll respond to everyone by end Sunday. For those who haven't yet paid, please do so as soon as convenient.
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