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Thanks, it is. I was just admiring it yesterday while driving in sunny weather. First day I wore it.The dial just gleams and glistens like the deepest azure sea. It is simply mesmerising, as overused as that word is now.Check out the purist thread for closer picshttp://home.watchprosite.com/show-forumpost/fi-17/pi-5775353/ti-850778/s-0/
As mentioned above, it is a Rangoon and not a Fresco.Pics will be posted when I get them.
Some enamel guilloche dial action... From afar, the dial looks like normal lacquer, either purple or blue depending on light. But get it under a spotlight, and the subtleties of the fired enamel dial glisten marvelously. The hands are also three-faceted for excellent legibility. On the back is a manufacture movement with bespoke engraving of my family seal, and a personal dedication.
Grey chalk, Navy chalk, and Navy glenplaid are above.Also have available some grey glenplaid Rangoon.Cloth is 8/9 oz.
Good news and bad news regarding the Racing Green Fresco with rust brown overcheck. My cloth guy checked my store and it turns out it is actually a Rangoon, which makes this cloth even more special and wearable in the summer. Those who were interested, please PM to confirm your interest. Have 30m. Navy glenplaid Rangoon is also available. Same 5m.
Looking at my swatch book, it is.
Hi sorry for the delay. I am waiting for some incoming information in order to answer your questions fully.Will reply to your PM tomorrow HK time.
Yes and no, the traditional material for high-grade watches in the vintage era prior to the 70s was solid silver, for less expensive watches it was brass. I notice that now most watches from the big 3 use brass dials and call them "silvered". You are right that enamelled dials are done on gold, but I've never heard of copper.Parmigiani used to use only gold dials exclusively, but I've noticed that even they have dropped this of late.My mistake, I meant painted and not...
The Parmigiani Tonda uses lumed hands, as do most of the brand's watches. Such watches will look pretty bad in a few years when the lume discolours. Fine on a sporty watch but not on a dress piece. Lets them save on gold for the hands as well. Speaking of material cost cutting, it continually surprises me how many "high-end" brands skimp on using a solid silver base for their dials, and 18k gold for their batons and hands. Only Lange among the big brands uses a sterling...
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