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Not what I was saying at all. Please refer to the poster who replied to you for what I meant.I hold Nomos in high regard, and it's really a matter of horses for courses.And I would be the last person to say that any watch under 5k is not worth buying. Refer to my signature.What I meant was that one needs to buy wisely and astutely for any watch under 5k to not get fleeced. Indeed the same rationale applies to watches above 5k, but with a different approach.
Yes that was what I meant by the term manufacture. The Franco-Swiss word for companies that make their own movements.Your second paragraph encapsulates what I meant exactly.
I think you misread my statement. I was certainly not opining that no watch under 5k is worth buying. Refer to post below.
Thanks for concurring. ETA movements are good for what they are - simply workhorse machines. You are right that very few people consider the cost of ownership of a watch. On a mid-grade brand like a JLC for a simple 3 hand watch, the servicing is 650 CHF every 4-5 years, which adds up to many thousands over a lifetime. Servicing for complicated pieces like tourbillons would be eye-popping to most. This is mainly because of the brand monopoly on servicing knowhow, plus the...
Yes, but in my opinion, these are not really manufacture movements of true quality. They are simply, okay.
5k is a tricky threshold for watches - on one hand you will find it difficult to find manufacture movements of any quality; on the other you would be vastly overpaying for ebauche watches. Value for money has never been the strong suit of the Swiss; rather, myth creation is.
Played with this and I think it looks and feels pretty cheap. Using the same movement as the RO is a little strange to me in an elegant dress watch. There are much more attractive ultrathins out there from VC (and JLC at the lower-end) than this Piguet.
Dino, how robust do you find the RO 15202? Do you wear it for gentle sports, or to the pool perhaps? Its 50m WR has always bugged me. In that regard, the VC Overseas is a much more suitable sporting watch.Totally agree on IWC - what's up with them and their enormous sizes? Seems a little cheap to have an entire line-up of gigantic, thick designs. Their vintage cal 89 watches were certainly their zenith in terms of design.
Can totally recommend Hughes. He's done about 10 straps and several leather goods large and small for me to date. I think he is the best leather artisan in Singapore and world-class.
New Posts  All Forums: