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Very nice watches! Take care of the silver one as it has the potential to tarnish. Longines was a highly-respected name before the 70s, so you can be assured that yours is of high quality. Enjoy!
Ah right. You didnt miss out anyway - the Santoni straps dont look anything impressive to me.For Gladstones, SAB has them rtw. You could commission any of the typical London makers to do them too. I have been wanting one for years but they really are more objet d'art than practical luggage. They dont fit much, weigh a tonne, and cant be slung on the shoulder. Even when you're just doing a road trip in a swanky cabriolet, a soft duffel is much better.
Very nice and certainly a respectable choice. Congrats!Is that the Santoni edition?That's a beautiful Gladstone in your avatar btw!
To the 50 or so guys who sent me a message about the cloth order discount, just wanted to quickly mention that I'm off overseas till the 12th of Dec, and will reply to all messages then. One of the mills has gotten back to me about availability and everything that you guys have asked for is in stock; still waiting for the other mill to get back to me.Cheers,B
Usually the provenance and other details of the diamond are engraved onto its girdle. It likely would not state its brand however, but rather the more important details used for grading. Above all, the GIA or HRD cert is crucial to its value. You can also get an aftermarket cert from a certified diamond grader.
Apart from those you mentioned, cut matters as well. eg brilliant or some rare cuts.Rare colours such as natural pink from the Argyle mine will push the price up further.
And even better from China...Just buy from the proper brands.
Agreed, the Pasha chrono is a relatively cheap Piguet 1185 with the column wheel. But it was pegged as one of Cartier's higher-end offerings, not counting the CPC. I think parts of the watch itself are not finished as finely as I would like. Eg the crystal should be domed to give a better appearance, the steel ring between the bezel and crystal is very fragile, the bracelet should be bevelled like the RO and the clasp should not have the laser-engraved logo. I was the...
They also made leather travel clocks. I have one from 1936, a year before Jaeger and LeCoultre joined forces. It rings just like the Memovox.
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