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Nice subdials!
Pics of the Casa Fag Reverso on a 3 month old bespoke handstitched strap. I didnt like the workmanship of the Casa but I co-opted the foldover tabs near the lugs. Only, I changed them to a B shape as a sort of monogramme. Tucked into the breast pocket of a bespoke uncanvassed linen DB suit. Even the cloth is a bespoke run with WBill (details in the Unfunded thread - http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/5505#post_6187871
Remember the custom run glenplaid linen I organised with WBill a while back ? Well, the test suit made up from it was completed a month ago, and has been worn hard at least ten times by now. The cloth wears and drapes beautifully. The suit here is uncanvassed and completely unlined with piped seams throughout, which requires a stout cloth. Just admire the lapel rolls even with no canvas within. Suit has been washed twice so far with no shrinkage. I still have a few...
Cleverley Russian Reindeer monkstraps
Well JLC and Patek to my knowledge both get their enamel dials done by the same workshop in Europe, as do almost all Swiss/German watch brands. From what I have seen comparing the two workshops in Switzerland and Beijing, the Chinese one uses thinner gold wire, thus yielding finer detail. Ultimately, it depends on the painting chosen on whether this quality is apparent to the naked eye and loupe.Personally I think a resonance watch is rather pointless, so never thought of...
^ Thanks apropos, People forget that Vacheron got big in the 19th century by basically pioneering machine made watch production, thus allowing greater serviceability and reliability of watches, through tighter tolerances and parts availability. Prior to this, watches were benchmade essentially like a bespoke shoe is now. But a fiddleback sole is cheaper to make by hand than a balance cock for example. Likewise with the Americans and Swiss during the...
100 pieces per year. Black strap for 2011, Brown cordovan for 2012. Mine is the brown.
Would be too thin. I've been discussing using a porcelain dial with the maker, and indeed it is possible. But the porcelain would have to be of a certain thickness to hold the hands and indices.
Thank you Stitches, I agree that the movement finishing could be improved. But it's still early days. The layout of the calibre itself is very nice, so that's a good start.
Thank you. Me too!Well it's a bespoke dial so it's going to be an enamel painting of my beloved dog. I'm doing another one with a traditional Chinese painting with calligraphy.
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