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Lange overload
One thing I don;'t like about Nomos is that while they may be one of the best value for money watch brands around, they are still overpriced for what they are. If memory serves the difference between the sapphire back and solid back is several hundred euros. On some other watch brands there is no upcharge for this, and I dont think the sapphire crystal is worth several hundred euros at all. Also the Peseux calibre is an economically-designed movement more in keeping with...
I agree, I very much enjoy my Casa Fag edition 1931.You should put up more pics of your new Rouge too! Thats a real showstopper.
Will see if I can find some better shots.By Le Sentier do you refer to JLC?The enamels are all done by this chap called Master Xiong, the 3rd generation heir to an old imperial atelier in Beijing which used to handle the enamelling for the Imperial Court. The knowhow dates to the Ming era and the Chinese name for enamel is Jingtai Lan (since enamelling came to China during the reign of Emperor Jingtai, whereupon it was merged with indigenous Chinese art styles).Well the...
Here's one with a lapis lazuli dial carved by hand, cased in 18k rose gold And a minute repeater - tourbillon piece unique with another bespoke cloisonne enamel dial, for a female client. The case is massive in the hand!
Yes this was exactly what I was looking for. Please be as merciless in your critique as possible. I expect the watches I design and the watches I buy to stand up to anything thrown at them.I agree the finishing could be improved. The chamfering is done by hand according to the atelier but I think they could do better judging by what I've seen from their grande comps.The symmetry and original layout of the chatons is very attractive in my opinion. It was conceived in 2011...
My actual piece is still being made as it's a piece unique. The movement I showed you is the same that will go into my piece. Here is the enamel dial of the stock watch shown - it comes in an edition of four watches, each symbolising prosperity, longevity etc
Hi guys, Thanks, I would prefer to sell all 5m as this makes this easier. But I am open to offers. For shorter lengths, the price will go up slightly to account for admin and the potential for cloth wastage. This is a custom run of Fresco not seen in the normal books. It was done as a special favour to me. Any questions, fire away, B
Haha I'd like to hear thoughts on the movement design and finishing before I reveal the maker.It's a small producer and the dial is a bespoke painting in cloisonne enamel. The movement and enamelling are all designed and done in-house.The watch is 43mm but the movement still fills such a large case up nicely.
Its sort of an indie...No my sig does not refer to the watch in the photo.
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