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My actual piece is still being made as it's a piece unique. The movement I showed you is the same that will go into my piece. Here is the enamel dial of the stock watch shown - it comes in an edition of four watches, each symbolising prosperity, longevity etc
Hi guys, Thanks, I would prefer to sell all 5m as this makes this easier. But I am open to offers. For shorter lengths, the price will go up slightly to account for admin and the potential for cloth wastage. This is a custom run of Fresco not seen in the normal books. It was done as a special favour to me. Any questions, fire away, B
Haha I'd like to hear thoughts on the movement design and finishing before I reveal the maker.It's a small producer and the dial is a bespoke painting in cloisonne enamel. The movement and enamelling are all designed and done in-house.The watch is 43mm but the movement still fills such a large case up nicely.
Its sort of an indie...No my sig does not refer to the watch in the photo.
Have 5m of windowpane Minnis Fresco II for sale - British racing green with rust brown overcheck. Absolutely beautiful stuff.
When one escapement isn't enough...
Asked them previously. They either can't or won't recreate it.
I have a few metres of 8/9oz Rangoon for sale in these patterns. 0112 mid-grey chalk 0113 navy chalk 0140 navy glenplaid PM me if interested. 5m of each. All 5m must be taken as I can't do anything with 1.5m for example, and the extra can be used for an extra pair of trousers.
Beijing enamel dial guilloche watch with 3/4 plate movement and chatons Bespoke engraving on movement
The process of engraving balance cocks by hand, the old-fashioned way without use of computers and electronics.
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