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Classic stuff like houndstooths, puppytooths, glenplaids, tattersalls and ginghams
Fresco would be ultra-durable but a little scratchy for trousers. It'll retain its line well.You could look at Cacciopoli and Minnis for linen/wool.
Any folks interested in bespoke shirting runs in patterned linen-cotton, with Bonfanti?
I just flipped through my WBill swatch book and there aren't any green linens at all. The nearest ones that are vaguely green would be 60136 and 60137, both a very, very light sand-olive. Obviously night and day compared to the Racing Green
Ooh very nice. I was fortunate to visit the Piaget factory a while back and see how these Double Jeus were made. The case work is pretty interesting.
Haha thanks Tchoy
Hey Frilly, apologies for the delay. Wanted to firm up a few details before sharing further info. Thanks and will definitely keep you posted!Yep there're definitely lots of chances for not minor, but major customisations I'm a total bespoke addict so it kinda carries over into the watch world, where customization normally is impossible/impractical with mainstream brands or costs an atomic bomb with the independents. I'm trying to make my bespoke options more accessible in...
That's what I thought too but apparently though the raw material is relatively cheap, because it's very hard like platinum or titanium, it costs a lot to work and machine into a nicely-finished microrotor.Very much like titanium in that sense, because the labor costs to machine it are higher than gold. Not only that, because the workshop has to throw out their tooling after going through just a bit of tungsten, this cost has to be factored in too for them.
I'm based in Singapore and spend some time of the year in HK. This is my day job Happy to help if you ever need some tips mate!Ben
No worries mate!
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