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The Parmigiani Tonda uses lumed hands, as do most of the brand's watches. Such watches will look pretty bad in a few years when the lume discolours. Fine on a sporty watch but not on a dress piece. Lets them save on gold for the hands as well. Speaking of material cost cutting, it continually surprises me how many "high-end" brands skimp on using a solid silver base for their dials, and 18k gold for their batons and hands. Only Lange among the big brands uses a sterling...
Still have some meterage remaining.
Also, any interest for a custom run burnt orange WBill linen? Either solid or patterned (glenplaid, windowpane, houndstooth etc).
Comes in 16 oz and 20 plus oz varieties. I wear the 20 plus with no problems in weather under 15 degrees.
W.Bill has some very nice bold tweeds. Cashmeres as well.Or Hardy Alsport? (the real deal tweed one, not worsted)
Thanks, its 33mm. 5mm thick including the domed acrylic crystal.
Parmiginai Tonda 1950 or Moser Mayu, both elegant understated choices from non-conglomerate brands.
And one of my favourites, a vintage Vacheron ultra-thin from 1962. I bought it from the original owner's son who told me how his dad wore it all his life everyday for 50 years. To add to that, the original owner shares the same first name as me. Came with its original box, gold buckle and hang tag. I compared it to the modern re-issue Historiques 1955, and the vintage original is clearly built better on several levels. Dont we all pine for the pre-conglomerate V&C...
Another shot of the Reverso 1931, this time with a proper camera...
Dear DLJr,Thank you for your PMs and your interest, I think that the midnight blue resonates especially well within the sartorial community. It is unique and very subtle and elegant and can be very versatile as a dark shade, but not as sobre as black.Will reply to your PMs in detail soon.
New Posts  All Forums: