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Beautiful watch and strap!
Totally agree.
WBill linen is cheaper and of a better quality than the LL linen. A better value IMHO. I wear many suits made from the WBill and Minnis linen often in Singapore. It's as cool as a suit can get given the circumstances.
I think a used Reverso would be a great idea for the OP. Or a vintage VC or IWC, with change left over for servicing and a good strap.
Interesting that there are so many "Have 5k, what watch to buy threads", I must have seen at least 3 of them so far. Are there any 18k gold watches at the 5k mark? I think even Stowa's are above that price range.
Have 10m of Rangoon Air Force Blue Glenplaid for sale. PM for details.
Some of the Glenplaid Linen custom run from WBill that I recently had Gerald at Vanda make up as a 6-fold lined tie. More info about the linen here, I still have some available for sale (PM for details as usual) - http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/5505 http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/5850
Here is the right link for the Rangoons -http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/5040Glenplaid linen -http://www.styleforum.net/t/56404/unfunded-liabilities-a-k-a-the-cloth-thread/5505
Some interesting reading - http://people.timezone.com/mdisher/LangeDebateText.html
Updated list - 1. Racing green windowpane Rangoon with rust brown overcheck (no pics yet but looks exactly like how it is described) 2. Navy glenplaid Rangoon (http://www.styleforu...oth-thread/5040) 3. Navy chalkstripe Rangoon (http://www.styleforu...oth-thread/5040) 4. Mid-grey glenplaid Rangoon (no pic yet but looks like 2. but in mid-grey) 5. Mid-grey chalkstripe Rangoon (http://www.styleforu...oth-thread/5040) 6. WBill lightish grey glenplaid linen (pic here...
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