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Thanks @RogerP, funny you should mention that. I had a couple clients order a mono-colored dial, exactly in either blue or white. It's no problem at all. And even with a single colored dial, the enamel still lends itself well as there's a depth to the dial and it changes color according to the angle of view - essentially like how a pane of glass (which is what the enamel technically is) placed over a still lake would look.@jbarwick - it's actually not that hard to read the...
Thanks! You should do it. I'm thinking of having an engraving done on the back of my Reverso, but probably not enamel. Somehow I think I prefer the enamel to be on the dial - makes it look a little less like an overly ornate 19th century pocket watch. But that's just my personal preference, obviously the charm of the Reverso is how personal the underside is to the owner.
Thanks my friend. Always a pleasure!
Friends, just wanted to share with you guys the first step towards my personal bespoke Cloisonné enamel dial watch. After a few weeks of finalising what I wanted and what was technically feasible, and then having the image rendered and then painted and fired by the enameller, my enamel dial has finally been completed. At this level of magnification, one can see the gold borders which are 0.04mm gold wire, the finest and most intricate gold wire used for enamelling in the...
So after four months of eager anticipation, my new bespoke watch is finally finished. The dial is entirely hand-stitched silk embroidery on top of a silk base, a painting that was miniaturized to fit a 3cm wide dial. Both the embroidered dial and the method of attaching the silk dial to the metal base are world-first techniques. Enjoy the scans guys!
I may have some available if there's any left from making my run of polo shirts. Which colour are you keen on?
Thanks for the mention @venividivicibjKnox, I have a few Rangoons for sale. Have a look here -http://avantistilo.blogspot.sg/2013/09/rangoon-navy-chalkstripe-finest.htmlhttp://avantistilo.blogspot.sg/2013/04/blog-post.htmlIt's an excellent cloth, and I'll be keeping the Rangoon from January onwards exclusively for a very special project...
Guys, last call for the Bonfanti shirtings - both the 6 custom runs and the stock fabric. I'm placing the order Wed morning. Also ordering the heavyweight Tussah silk this week. Also, another 20 or so meters and we're good to go for the WBill Racing Green linen. deets
Which options do you mean? The 6 custom runs are further down on the blog.
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