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So after some hiccups, W.Bill have started shipping the cloth bunches, and I'll send you guys the tracking numbers when I get them. Enjoy the cloth guys!
Sorry guys, I'll check the status with WBill on Monday and get back to you all asap.
GREAT news guys, Harrisons has agreed to stick to the original plan and ship out directly. All cloth lengths will now be portioned out and shipped by next Thursday latest. You should all receive your lengths by next weekend at the latest. Do send me your address if you haven't yet, to expedite shipping. I'll contact you all with the exact individual shipping fees after the lengths have shipped, and will pay them out of pocket in the interim. Again, my absolute deepest...
yes there is @jackster145, will send you a PM
Sorry for the delay guys, will be able to give you an update later today.
There's still a little remaining @baromatic Just PM me how much you need
Hi guys, sorry for the delays. I'm currently sorting things out with W.Bill, as they suddenly are refusing to ship out the cloth directly and want to send the whole lot to me to ship out. Don't worry as I'll take care of this, but just bear with me a little as this suddenly happened just after Christmas. Will keep everyone posted.
Hi MoutonBarton, I will handle all the shipping arrangements and liaison personally, but Harrisons will send out directly to all subscribers.Apologies for any delays in my replying or with the shipping. I'm in the process of coordinating everything with Harrisons.
Got your details PCK1 and sorry for not yet replying. The cloth is currently being cut and portioned at Harrisons, and will be shipped out once it's done!
Could I trouble everyone to PM me their addresses for shipping, and any special requests (Harrisons will ship out directly and I will try to get them to accede to any of your requests, although they won't declare an incorrect value)? Apologies in advance if I take a while to reply to you, as I'm crazy busy at this time. But rest assured that I'll see all your PMs
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