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With great pleasure shall I do this... and promise not to charge 100 GBP/m for cloth Yep I have those exactly in mind. Any particular colourways? I have a few pics which I'm going to upload.
PMed you
My Celadon Imperials accompanying me at Boeucc, the oldest restaurant in Milan, dining on proper Bistecca Fiorentina (made with Chianina beef). http://www.tempusfugitwatch.com/2015/03/wrapping-up-celadon-imperial.html
Right now it's totally open, but I'm thinking classic colours like blue/cream, tan/cream etc. We could essentially recreate tweed or flannel patterns into spring/summer suiting+jacketing. I say suiting+jacketing because the resulting jacket could be worn as a sportcoat or part of a suit, adding to its versatility.
Great, anything in particular?
Any interest in joining in a custom run of large-scale houndstooth and windowpane linen suiting? And perhaps other patterns (feel free to suggest), along with solid racing green and solid dark purple (looks almost like navy except close-up)
Wore my beloved Celadon Imperial with Blanc de Chine dial, to dine at the three michelin-starred Sant Pau located in the picturesque seaside town of Sant Pol de Mar off the gorgeous Catalonian coast. Let's see if anyone can guess what this special off-menu course was...
Fourth day of the Chinese New Year - wearing my charismatic Celadon Imperial with a cashmere Imperial Red shawl collar cardigan and orange linen shirt (reminiscent of auspicious mandarin oranges of course!).
Lazy Sunday today.. Wore something simple to pair with an airy linen shirt for church and brunch...
Wore one of my personal favourites today for a lovely languorous Saturday brunch.... Here's my prototype Celadon Celestial with its hand-stitched dial of Suzhou silk embroidery, depicting the classical Chinese painting “A duo of swallows with pear flowers”. Cloth connoisseurs here will love the intricate embroidery, done by the National Silk Embroidery Academy for me. The engine powering it is no slouch either, featuring the manufacture double escapement B24 freesprung...
New Posts  All Forums: