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It's possible. What are you looking for?
Still working on price, but the dimensions are 6 x 8 x 12 (h x w x l).Still waiting on the different wood species used. We used several. All of the boxes are naturally finished, so the patina you see is a product of the wood, not any wood dyes.
New Merola Nappa Leather Gloves. Five colors, five sizes. Silk lined. - Constructed from supple Nappa leather ranch-raised in Italy - Five colors: black, brown, navy, burgundy, and green - Hand-cut and hand-sewn in Naples, Italy - Elegant Inseam stitching - Fully silk-lined with tie-silk accenting - Three decorative "cordoni," or cords, sewn onto back
Our new Deluxe Shoeshine Valets - handcrafted here in Dallas by an expert furniture maker out of exotic woods. The finishing on these are incredible. PM me if you're interested.
So close, but no. But if the real Grant K. doesn't get back to me, you'll be my secondary! How about that?
Okay - Just did the raffle. Sorry for the delay. The winners have been notified. I'm not sure what their StyleForum handles are. So... drum roll.... the winners are: Grant K. Jie C. Christopher W. We'll be sending each one of our new Simmont Goddard Pocket Squares!
In an effort to build maximum suspense, I will be doing the drawing tomorrow when I get back to the office. Thanks for everyone who participated.
Great. ...as I said, PayPal can be weird
Great photography!
Ah, PayPal is a pain. Respond to order confirmation asking that "trunkshow" be applied and I'll refund the difference. Promotion good thru midnight CST.
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