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atta boy
Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1 - Stay Warm http://www.hangerproject.com/newsletters/twelvedays/stay-polished.html Day 2 of our Twelve Days of Christmas is something that I'm sure that everyone on this forum already does quite well - staying polished. It's been a fantastic year for our Saphir Medaille d'Or Shoe Polish. To celebrate this success, we have just launched our largest and most comprehensive Saphir Shoeshine Kit ye - our Ultimate Shoeshine Starter Kit. This...
Twelve Days of Christmas: Day 1 - Stay Warm Today marks the beginning of our Twelve Days of Christmas campaign where we spotlight different gifting ideas on each of the twelve days proceeding the last day for UPS Ground Shipping. Day 1 is STAY WARM. Given the recent cold snap, it seems particularly well-timed. We have some new items that we've added : Cruciani "Sofino" Cashmere Knit Polo - Navy & Black Entirely knitted using Diamante Rosso cashmere, the finest...
I wouldn't see any reason why the Omni'Nettoyant wouldn't work on Suede Bucks. Should be totally safe. The powdered chalk is new to me, but sounds like a good method for keeping them white. Let me know how it works out!Otherwise, hopefully I can see them in person when we're in San Francisco next week!
I'll see these guys in January and will add this to the list!
Thanks! Lots of good stuff planned for this month.
Let me know when you place your next order. I'll throw in a tin of 50 ml navy wax.
Black Friday Specials In an effort to do my part in helping save you guys from the indignity of mall crows on Black Friday, we are running a 48 hour Black Friday Special. Click below to discover some of our Black Friday Deals, discounted by up to 50%. We are also offering Free Shipping on all domestic orders over $25.00. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families!
Are you a member of the greatest men's social club on earth?Instead of a "holiday party," they have a Frank Sinatra Birthday Party every year (December 12). Not allowed in without a tuxedo. My kind of party. They'll also have completed their new bar, which will have one of the largest scotch whiskey collections in the State of California, I believe. Right @PocketSquareGuy?
New Posts  All Forums: