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...and Yak Hair brushes will be here WEDNESDAY! They've shipped and are en transit!
Also, just got some restocks: Talarico Umbrellas - new styles Deer Polishing Bone Merloa Nappa Leather Gloves 17.0" & 18.5" Suit Hangers in the Traditional Finish Felted Trouser Bar Hanger in the Traditional Finish Some Abbey Horn stuff SWIMS Golashes And we are fully-stocked on Saphir MDO and expecting Reno'Mat tomorrow.
We will be receiving more of these later this week, so we've enabled the product to accept backorders. You should be able to order.ALSO - we just enabled an extra 10% Off our Clothing Accessories: ties, pocket squares, scarves, gloves, and more! Deals end tonight at Midnight.
Cyber Monday Specials Begin Today! Just landed back in Dallas, but real quick, here are our Cyber Monday Specials. We only offer site-wide discounts twice a year (Cyber Monday and Father's Day), so enjoy. o 50% holiday hanger o 50% Off Select Women’s Hangers (traditional finish; chrome hardware) o 30% Off Select Hanger Project Shoeshine Brushes o 30% Cruciani Polo’s and Sweaters o 25% Off the purchase of two or more Inis Meáin sweaters o 10% discount on orders over...
Just In: 100 Year-Old Simonnot Godard 'Fil de Bouche' Linen Pocket Squares The Hanger Project is pleased to announce the availability of a new addition to our line of exquisite accessories. In much the same way that the discovery of the 18th century Russian reindeer hides from the sunken brigantine Metta Catharina off the English coast yielded an opportunity for gentlemen of distinction to acquire a rare bit of history, so too does a recent discovery from our...
Promotional Code: StyleForumGood for 10% Off, but not valid with Free Shipping promotions. Gotta choose between one or the other.
@bradp Once the polish clears up, stop and allow it to dry before continuing onto the next coat. @RedDevil10 and I are actually planning to work on an extensive Mirror Shine Tutorial. We're trying to figure out how to best approach because so much of the technique is nuance.
Hard to say. You definitely want to first slightly wet your chamois and then use a TINY amount of wax. You can have a wet rag and tap it your chamois our use our High Shine Water Dispenser. Then, as you are massaging the wax into the shoe, you want to use light pressure.I know that RedDevil10 mixes a little bit of alcohol with his water to accelerate the evaporation of water and speed up the process of creating a high-gloss mirror shine. It can take forever.Don't forget to...
Pictures of the new place. Still have some work to do... but it's refreshing to be under our own management now!
CosmeDaniel - I totally understand. You cannot even believe how frustrating and dissatisfying our previous situation with the 3PL became. Sadly, it took us almost six months to find a warehouse, finish it out, and move in. Way too long, but absolutely as fast as we could do it. And all of it was at a huge expense, which made it even more challenge for me because The Hanger Project is still relatively small (we do sell hangers and show polish).So, please accept my sincerest...
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