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The Renovateur actually doesn't contain Turpentine -- it is water based. Regardless, leaving the lid open clearly caused it to dehydrate. Happy to replace eddiemczee if you pay for shipping, but looks like it wasn't the Renovateur after all.
That's correct! Not as much of an issue as with suit jackets because there is no structure to the shoulders.
Unfortunately, not really. But do remember that there is the StyleForum 10% discount with no minimum.We are actually expecting these hangers any day... We'll send an email out when we receive them. If you're not on our mailing list, you can sign up at the bottom-right of our homepage.
I think leetpuma is on point. A strong leather cleaner (Reno'Mat or otherwise) will strip all of the accumulated wax polish off of the shoe. Think of it as "spring cleaning." This is good to do every so often, and something that we recommend at least once or twice a year in our Presidential Shoeshine Guide.Depending on the quality of the polish, especially ones that just accumulate on top of the leather or polishes that contain petroleum-based solvents, you can in fact...
Not sure. I'll see what I can find out.
I'd go with the Large 19.0" Hanger. The 17" might be a little narrow for you.
Negative on HY.
Who's HY?
Side note, just purchased 42 new Talarico umbrellas that should be up on the site by Feb 1 or soon thereafter.I'm sure Kent's umbrellas a great, and I have no doubt that they are Made in Italy. They're just not made by Maglia or Talarico. (P.S. Kent's a good friend - so in now way am I disparaging his products).Picture I found while touring the company that makes all of the solid-stick canes in Italy:In a better day...Some Talarico poly/cotton umbrellas that are on their...
I can confirm with 100% confidence (directly from Maglia themselves) that they are NOT Maglia.
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