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Since these are already discount, not technically.
Inis MeƔin Factory Sample Sale Hey guys - quick heads-up that I've finally received and listed the items I picked up while visiting Inis Meain in March. These items, mostly mediums, are factory samples. Every piece is unique (to us) -- one-of-one. Great opportunity to acquire some rare pieces from the Inis Meain archive in interesting colors and styles. I'll be discounting everything by 15% (thus "Factory Sample Sale"). Take a look and let me know if you have any...
On a made-to-order basis only! And by special request. Thought about adding this just for fun. Who knows, maybe some Russian Oligarch would buy a $20,000 + shoe shine trunk. (And that's just a guess - I have no idea how much this thing would cost to make.)
I know. The trunk is quite a piece. Had the pleasure of seeing it last weekend while visiting the Saphir Factory in France. Marc originally had it designed for trade shows, but it seems to have gotten stuck in his dressing room. Perhaps given that it's a little difficult to travel with! Pretty cool piece - can accommodate up to 40 pairs of shoes and everything you need to take care of them.
We've got some lambs hair brushes on the way... not from Japan, but certainly good enough to do the trick. And you'll actually be able to get your hand on these. Stay tuned...
I trust that they'll feel fantastic. You'd be surprised how these things disappear on your feet. Socks are meant to be very light weight - providing a nice barrier between foot and shoe without getting in the way.Thanks for posting!
If fact, yes. Just received Tartan Green and Light Grey. Very exciting, I know. If any additional requests, let me know. We still have some things yet to ship.
Seems like we're experiencing some trouble with the images...
The new Talarico umbrellas are fantastic. When I was in Naples in January, I really made Talarico Jr. dig and pull out some really interesting stuff. Even canabalized some umbrellas from his locked display cabinets. Many more interesting patterns, greater aray of canes, and more poly-cotton canopies. I really encourage you guys to check them out, if for nothing less than admire the craftsmanship. WE ALSO even has some shoehorns coming from Talarico using the same...
Pretty sure Ron is not doing as many patina projects given how crazy he has been with Saphir... but I'll see! Maybe he'll host a Shoe Shine Sunday and show us some patina work!
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