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Shoewizz -We increased the prices of our Suit and Jacket Hangers - the first price increase in over five years - by $5.00 to account for increases in manufacturing costs and to allow free shipping on all orders over $125. The cost of all of our hangers remained the same. Net, net, I'd say that this price increase is still in favor of our customers. Style Forum members are still invited to utilize our StyleForum 10% off discount code. We do not offer this discount to anyone...
It is pretty dark but not super dark. In daylight it is a dark navy. In low light, more akin to midnight blue.
It's pretty dark.
Dressing Valet Update Well, the second "eco" valet was much easier to produce. Take a look at the WIP picture: Next step is finishing, forming the brass trouser bar rod, and creating the hooks for the hangers. We are also going to line the drawers / trays with leather.
Updated picture of the dressing valet, with the rear hanger fixture.
Tough choice... Might get a little more use out of the midnight blue... but both equally appropriate.
Saw your order come through. Great choice. The slippers are incredible. You'll be very happy. I'll see what I can do on the production lead time.
Great feedback. The front of the valet will have a fixed bar designed to be used exclusively for trousers. See below pictures. The rear fixture is designed to accommodate a suit and shirt hanger.The more minimalist valet will look like below. The purpose is to try to get the build cost down to allow a sub $1000 retail (and, better, a sub $800 retail).
Luxury Dressing Valet Prototype Many of you guys remember a conversation we had a long time ago about creating an appropriate luxury dressing valet. Well... we're finally almost done with our first prototype. Take a look. I'm really happy. It is being constructed out of solid walnut and hard maple and will receive a satin finish. Two components are missing from this photograph: (1) we'll have a mechanism on the back that can accommodate two hangers. We want the Dressing...
In a return of our Special Project series, commission a pair of hand-embroidered masterpieces from bespoke shoemaker Foster & Son. Available by special order through October 5, these slippers can only be purchased through bespoke commission and are incredibly elegant and sophisticated. Discover the full story of what inspired this return to our Special Project series by clicking the link below and learn more about how to order your very own...
New Posts  All Forums: