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Gentlemen - I’m excited to announce, as many here have suspected, that last month The Hanger Project acquired A Suitable Wardrobe. Like many people on this forum, I grew up reading and was educated by Will Boehlke’s writing at A Suitable Wardrobe. When he launched the ASW web store, I was always in amazement at his taste level and capacity to seek out the highest-quality makers. And to be able to continue the legacy of ASW is a huge honor for me. An important element of...
Ever wondered how our Yak Hair Brushes stand up next to other brushes? At the request of a customer, here is a short video showing why this is the best finishing brush.
Planning a sartorial discovery trip to Chicago with a good friend of mine. Any suggestions? Below is what we've put together already: Suits - Chris Despos Hats - Optimo Leather Goods - Horween Shirts - Joe Hemrajani (he'll be visiting) Leather Goods - Brandi Devers Wet Shaving - Merz Apothecary Pharmacy
@ThinkDerm -We are planning on resurrecting Shoe Shine Sunday. Participation just fell off during the summer, so we suspended it. The posts took quite a bit of work from @reddevil. What was it you liked / appreciated most about Shoe Shine Sunday? Looking to maybe evolve our approach, either doing shorter tutorial posts or something.Cheers,Kirby
Shoewizz -We increased the prices of our Suit and Jacket Hangers - the first price increase in over five years - by $5.00 to account for increases in manufacturing costs and to allow free shipping on all orders over $125. The cost of all of our hangers remained the same. Net, net, I'd say that this price increase is still in favor of our customers. Style Forum members are still invited to utilize our StyleForum 10% off discount code. We do not offer this discount to anyone...
It is pretty dark but not super dark. In daylight it is a dark navy. In low light, more akin to midnight blue.
It's pretty dark.
Dressing Valet Update Well, the second "eco" valet was much easier to produce. Take a look at the WIP picture: Next step is finishing, forming the brass trouser bar rod, and creating the hooks for the hangers. We are also going to line the drawers / trays with leather.
Updated picture of the dressing valet, with the rear hanger fixture.
Tough choice... Might get a little more use out of the midnight blue... but both equally appropriate.
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