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You may be right about stretching, but I still love the look of a leather loafer! And black should give good use since it doesn't show dirt as easily as a brown. Spray those babies!! BTW - we have the Saphir MDO Suede Spray in black. It's the only color that we have... black didn't sell as well as the browns, hence why it is still in stock. But any waterproofing spray should work. We actually are now stocking the Terrago Suede Spray because there is still no commitment...
You might try a Hermes Red or Mahogany. You can see some additional swatches here: http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/blog/cat/Saphir/. Hermes Red is shown in the top-right of the photograph of the piece of paper. And if you scroll down you can see swatches of Mahogany and Hermes Red together on the Allen Edmond Shoe Polish Colors post.And remember that you can mix the colors to create any shade. Sometimes there just isn't a "perfect match." In these instances, you can...
Ha. No comment.
Works incredible as edge dressing. Very easy to control.
Should work just fine with cream.
Haha. Yes. I wore gloves. Disclaimer: These were a customer's shoes!
I'd honestly just try a few coats of polish on this to soften it up. Maybe, just maybe, take some very fine sand paper to smooth the leather. But shoe polish should be able to conceal 90% of that scratch. It doesn't look deep enough to warrant using the Renovating Repair Cream.
The Renovator Repair Cream... it applies like a cream (has the consistency of cream) but dries hard. Once it dries, it can only be removed with the Reno'Mat. It is a "permanent solution" for damage.Below is a before and after of a pretty badly damaged pair of shoes. After I applied the Renovator Repair Cream, I also added a few coats of cream and wax polish to build up the surface on top of the Renovator Repair Cream.
couldn't see the pics since the auction ended. Shouldn't be that difficult to fix, though.
It's safe.
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