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How do you like having your clothes hanging parallel to the wall? I've never seen that. Is your closet just not deep enough to have the clothes perpendicular?
I've always wanted a mini-bar in my closet. You have shown me that I really don't need much room.... just a few bottles on an empty shelf!Kirby
Pieceofsand -As I mentioned, those that submitted photos will be taken care of independently of the contest.Kirby
I do hope more people would post pictures, even of their disorganized closets. The alterior motive is the opportunity to see how guys store their clothes. I know my closet, but honesty haven't seen how many other men approach their garment care. Who knows, could turn into the next big idea.
Gentlemen - rest assured that those who submitted pictures will be well taken care of. We are always generous with our customers and those that support us.
Best dressed teacher ever.Are those those cordovan shoes?
Four Drakes of London ties for $65 each. Okay, guys, I'm three transactions away from a milestone. In order to tip the scale, I've just added three Drakes of London ties for $65 each (normally $145). Two Available: One Available & My favorite: One Available:
Two hours left on the Cyber Monday sale. I'm a little surprised at how well this was received.
Do many of you guys use shoe boxes for storage? Always though about having a nicer one made... P.S. Two hours left on our Cyber Monday sale.
Haha. Clearly you are a better marketer than I am.Since now it is just a "Closet Photograph" contest, you can now win despite how desperately you need hangers.
New Posts  All Forums: