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Haha. Wish I had an Ice Ball Maker! I just use the Tovolo King Ice Cubes. At $8.00 for a try that makes six gigantic cubes, it's the most affordable.The ice is just another example of how The Hanger Project is really a product of my personal interests in experiences. You get better products and a better retail experience when the proprietor enthusiastically uses himself everything he also sells...
I'd actually love to be an affiliate at Badger & Blade. I've tried to get in touch with someone over there, but has been unsuccessful. Do you know any moderators or the guy who runs it?
Okay... time for pictures of my closet. I just had these redone to create room for my (future) son's clothing... so there is a lot of empty rod space.
Free Holiday Shipping on orders over $50 until Dec 22... no promo needed.
Nice! Thanks everyone for your participation!
Gentlemen - I'm excited to announce the launch of our new Palatino Italian Socks. I am a huge shoe fan, which, by proxy, makes me a big fan of socks. I've been working on this project for almost a year (on and off) and very satisfied with our results. A few opinions serve as the foundation of this new product: 1. Men should accessorize their socks like they do their ties. If you are like me and wear jeans most days, you probably don't have many opportunities to wear your...
That's funny. The entire reason my wife and I re-did our closets is because she's pregnant (due Dec. 21 with our first child!). Because she has taken over our entire master bedroom closet (to her credit - it is rather small), I was pushed into our second bedroom's closet. Now that this is slated to become the nursery, I now have to share my closet! So, what to do other than have new closets installed!I'll send pics later today.
I've looked into the idea of cedar boxes. Only problem I keep running into is that they'd be around $100 (I'd have to have them made here in the States - couldn't justify volume to have them made in China).I am working on a very nice cardboard (but very high-quality cardboard) sweater storage box. I'm working on finding really nice hardware for the front file-card holder. Something similar to below:The first two would be a furniture-quality plated file card holders. A...
This is incredible. You probably need a ladder to take these things down. What a simple solution.
How do you like having your clothes hanging parallel to the wall? I've never seen that. Is your closet just not deep enough to have the clothes perpendicular?
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