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couldn't see the pics since the auction ended. Shouldn't be that difficult to fix, though.
It's safe.
Wow. I can't believe John Lobb is making their shoes in China! This is incredulous.
What's the ballpark on a basic lace up in calfskin?
Does anyone know what the pricing structure is for John Lobb London? Do they charge a "last fee" for them to make your first pair of shoes? Or is the price the same for your second pair as it is your first?
Only thing missing is a picture of Mr. Field!
Ha. To say that your shoes need to be resoled is an understatement! They should have been resoled a year ago.I just had a pair of shoes resoled by B. Nelsons. You can read about it here: http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/blog/dress-shoe-sole-replacement/I was pretty happy. The high-end JR soles cost about $150 all-in. Great quality and much quicker turn-around than if you sent them back to the factory.This just means that when shoe is re-stretched over the original last...
Reapply once water stops balling when it hits the leather. This means that the waterproofing has worn off.Agreed.
Use the suede & nubuck brush to brush out the suede before and after wearing. It is like vacuuming carpet. Makes the suede look nicer by "fluffing" the fibers. The gummy texture also helps remove dirt. Spray the protector on at a distance of 12 to 18 inches. Highly suggest doing this outside. Once you see that water drops no longer form, re-spray the shoes. Should help protect against water and, in theory, stains. If you shoes *really* get dirty, wash them in the sink....
New Chopard Luna d'Oro Perpetual Calendar with a retro-grade date that my wife purchased for my 30th Birthday. Unfortunately, it'll be sitting in a safe for another 9 months until I'm actually 30! However, I certainly enjoy looking at this picture of it on...
New Posts  All Forums: