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As everyone on our email list already knows, we're currently running a Twelve Days of Christmas email campaign showcasing unique products we've sourced especially for the holidays. Anyway, one of the items we just added are some Ettinger Bridle Leather wallets that are absolutely spectacular. Thought you all might be interested. A customer recently was chatting with me through the website about his thinking on wallets. Although the stock Ettinger wallet is absolutely...
Sorry for the confusion but thanks for reaching out. Especially to our StyleForum members, whose support and business I value tremendously, we try to be accommodating in every respect.
On orders $50 or greater...
It's possible that any additional discount codes knock out the Free Shipping (technology issue we've been unable to solve for some time). Just pay for shipping, respond to the order confirmation, and request that we refund it.
We've never heard anyone complain about USPS. They're probably your best bet.If your order were over $1,000, I'd say we could ship UPS / FedEx Canada Consolidated. More reliable and with tracking, but the customs can sometimes be higher.
The Saphir Renovating Repair Cream (we also sell it as "Saphir Edge Dressing") would be perfect for this. You could effectively recolor in any shade. It's a very simple product: resin and pigment. We carry basic colors, but if you needed it in something a little more adventurous, we could probably get it for you.
Great question. I'm hoping for early next year. Saphir has asked me to put in a PO for several hundred of each SKU in order for them to spend the money to relabel the cans... I think I'll pull the trigger, but I'm just not sure about having 1,200 sprays hanging around (Saphir Renovating Spray: Neutral, Black, Brown + Super Invulner).But I'm working to bring them!
I'm having trouble getting the discount to apply in our system... place your order and email me. I'm currently applying the discounts through a back-end discount.This is the first time we've ever offered any type of quantity discount, so there are some tech issues I'm working through. I can get the discount to apply if six of the same size & color are added, but the system is not recognizing the discount for multiple socks across different colors and styles... TMI.
Working on winners now!
Post your pics! All the participants will receive a special promotional code. Everyone wins at least something!
New Posts  All Forums: