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Look, I was just trying to help. You can buy it from wherever you want.
First, we dont ship USPS First Class because we have had trouble with products arriving broken. Our free shipping is USPS Priority, but even that costs us $10 once boxes and fulfillment is involved. But if you really just want a thing of Reno, PM me and we'll do shipping for $5. But we'll ship USPS priority.
We offer free shipping over $50. Difficult to ship something that costs $22 for free without losing money...
In my experience, the split toe fit a wider variety of shows better. I like the Epic, but it is more prone to sizing problems because there is less "spring" built into the shoe tree. If it works for your shoe, it's a great shoe tree. But it's more likely to not fit great than the Ultra. I use the Ultra's in my closet...
http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/saphir-renovating-sole-dressing.html Try this. Great stuff. Very easy to control and will not stain.
Thanks guys! We can always work something out with shipping. Best just to contact us. If you purchased $50 of shoe are, we would refund any shipping associated with such a small item. The Armenic Papers are great. I leave them in my sock drawer where they make my socks smell really nice. Also take them with me on trips for the hotel room. They're an interesti cross between insence and potpourrie.
Email me. We can work something out. It's just difficult for us to ship one small thing via USPS. We normally try to avoid them.
I'll have to try this also. Still working on trying to produce a finish like this!I had a nice mirror shine (nothing like benhour's) and then it cracked! So depressing. So, I guess I'll have to strip if off with the Saphir Reno'Mat and start all over again. However, given the amount of time (literally hours) to produce, I am a little reluctant.Has anyone tried to use a navy polish to produce a mirror finish on black shoes? I tried this. It produce a nice patina and hue...
We just started selling the same shoe laces here in the United States (we purchased from Justin): http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/colored-dress-shoe-laces.html
You'd think that the Prince of Monaco could afford a good tailor! The sleeves are way too long on the jacket and, god, look at how long the pants are! At least it's a peak lapel, single button dinner jacket.
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