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I'd almost recommend just trying some Saphir Dubbin. It would resaturate the leather and cause it to naturally darken without the need to apply any pigment. If you wanted to apply pigmet, our Saphir Edge Dressing / Renovating repair cream comes in a light brown.
Anyone have experience with which Saphir polish works best with the Allen Edmonds Merlot Finish? I have a customer who tried the Mahogany with less than desirable results...
I think you should go for Rider Boot!
Happy New Year Style Forum Members! Please help me with a little year-end "inventory clean up"! I have put together a "flash sale" for Style Forum Members. Selected accessories that we ordered just for the Holidays are being offered at as much as 40% off. http://hangerproject.com/promotions/on-sale.html IN ADDITION: I am offering Style Forum Members 15% Off + Free Shipping on all items for orders over $200. This is only applicable to products not included in...
Wool socks will be next. Any special thoughts with respect to wool?
Wool socks will be next. Any special thoughts with respect to wool?
Thanks, kyojura! Glad to hear that things worked out with international postage. Thanks for the feedback. It's incredible how inconsistent the customs treatment can be even within the same country.Regarding our new Palatino Socks, I am so happy you are enjoying them. The feedback has been incredibly positive. Nobody makes a cotton sock with as high-grade cotton as we do with this one -- it is why we had to have it made especially for us. Standard sock collections do not...
New 15.0" Shirt Hangers are now available. We now have four sizes in our shirt hangers: 15.0, 17.0, 19.0, and 21.0 inches! In both our natural and traditional finishes...
Awesome! Let me know what you think! Also, remember that there is Free Shipping on all orders over $50.00. I've adjusted the StyleForum promo code to include this for all orders over $50.00.Please post some before and after pics when you get a chance.
Okay, winners have been selected! Just for the holidays, I increased the number of winners from three to FOUR! Visit: http://promoshq.wildfireapp.com/website/6/contests/302079/prize_giving to view the winners. I'm also posting the photographs of their soon-to-be-even-better closets here. IN ADDITION - everyone that submitted an entry should have received an email with a special promotional code. I appreciate everyone's participation!
New Posts  All Forums: