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Just scored some autographed copies of Alan Flusser's Style and the Man and Dressing the Man to sell just for the holidays! Thanks to Alan for taking the time to autograph these for me!
I'll probably begin carrying these next year, along with some upgraded badger brushes.I just received a sample of a straight razor and am looking to learn how to use it. Hopefully I will not do much permanent damage!
MZHammer - I am happy that I was able to prevent you from wasting money on a $200 razor. It's sad what Gilette is doing to The Art of Shaving. I recently saw them release a vibrating badger brush?!? I mean, who was the marketing idiot (or genius) that thought of that! A vibrating badger brush -- like that's supposed to do anything.A great example of how a multinational marketing conglomerate continues to sterilize the enjoyment of shaving.Also - I do not see any pending...
Gentlemen - Thank you for posting pictures. I'd expecting nothing less from the men on this forum. : kmdsimpson - for your travel wallet (the LV one) - is there anywhere for cash? Or would that be kept separately? Honestly, I suppose that it isn't that important that something like this be able to carry cash. For one, cash is being used less and less. At most, I have a few 20's in my pocket. Second, if you really are trying to minimize the footprint of one's wallet,...
As everyone on our email list already knows, we're currently running a Twelve Days of Christmas email campaign showcasing unique products we've sourced especially for the holidays. Anyway, one of the items we just added are some Ettinger Bridle Leather wallets that are absolutely spectacular. Thought you all might be interested. A customer recently was chatting with me through the website about his thinking on wallets. Although the stock Ettinger wallet is absolutely...
Sorry for the confusion but thanks for reaching out. Especially to our StyleForum members, whose support and business I value tremendously, we try to be accommodating in every respect.
On orders $50 or greater...
It's possible that any additional discount codes knock out the Free Shipping (technology issue we've been unable to solve for some time). Just pay for shipping, respond to the order confirmation, and request that we refund it.
We've never heard anyone complain about USPS. They're probably your best bet.If your order were over $1,000, I'd say we could ship UPS / FedEx Canada Consolidated. More reliable and with tracking, but the customs can sometimes be higher.
The Saphir Renovating Repair Cream (we also sell it as "Saphir Edge Dressing") would be perfect for this. You could effectively recolor in any shade. It's a very simple product: resin and pigment. We carry basic colors, but if you needed it in something a little more adventurous, we could probably get it for you.
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