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Introducing Shoe Shine Sundays from The Hanger Project Come join The Hanger Project for Shoe Shine Sundays! I will be virtually hosting this shoe shine event every Sunday! Upload a photograph of yourself shining a pair of shoes to The Hanger Project Affiliate Thread or to our Facebook Page and receive a special promotional offer good towards your next purchase! I will also be online available to answer questions about how to deliver the best shoe shine results with our...
The clamping trouser hanger is designed to hang garments at the cuff, vertically upside-down. The weight of the trouser seat gently "pulls" wrinkles out. I use the Clamping Trouser Hanger for most of my trousers, but definitely all of my linen ones.
It's always a pleasure to be able to personally meet members of the Style Forum and customers! The only thing missing was scotch... I'll make sure that's taken care of next time!
The only sweater hanger that has notches are from our Runway Collection for women. The notches are there for added versatility.Our Men's Luxury Sweater Hanger does not have notches...The felting on the shoulders is there to help better control the garment and prevent it from sliding down the hanger.
I'd almost recommend just trying some Saphir Dubbin. It would resaturate the leather and cause it to naturally darken without the need to apply any pigment. If you wanted to apply pigmet, our Saphir Edge Dressing / Renovating repair cream comes in a light brown.
Anyone have experience with which Saphir polish works best with the Allen Edmonds Merlot Finish? I have a customer who tried the Mahogany with less than desirable results...
I think you should go for Rider Boot!
Happy New Year Style Forum Members! Please help me with a little year-end "inventory clean up"! I have put together a "flash sale" for Style Forum Members. Selected accessories that we ordered just for the Holidays are being offered at as much as 40% off. http://hangerproject.com/promotions/on-sale.html IN ADDITION: I am offering Style Forum Members 15% Off + Free Shipping on all items for orders over $200. This is only applicable to products not included in...
Wool socks will be next. Any special thoughts with respect to wool?
Wool socks will be next. Any special thoughts with respect to wool?
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