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Hi Knezz - No free shipping at the moment except on shoe care orders over $50. But you can always use "StyleForum" for 10% off.cheers,Kirby
Hermes Red or Mahogany both look like they would work well.Take a look at this blog post showing how the polishes show up on paper:http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/blog/cat/Saphir/post/saphir-shoe-polish-colors/
You must have received one of our last ones... sadly we're out and AbbeyHorn will not have any more available for another two months.Post some pictures of your work!
Unrooted - thank you for your note. We occasionally have trouble with the Woodlore Sizing Guidance. Unfortunately, the trouble is very inconsistent. However, we will be more than happy to exchange the trees for the proper size. Please email us at customerservice @ hangerproject.com and we'll take care of you.
Thanks! Yes... a little special interest of mine.
The website does not allow one or more promotional codes to be used at the same time. This might be the problem. Email me if you continue to run into difficulty.
Wow. Well done!
Thanks, unrooted, for the message. The second sizing guide is for International Conversion and is based on an "E" Width, which is why it may give you a different recommendation. Regarding the Reno'Mat, I know many professionals who use strait acetate to strip the polish off of their shoes. However, the Reno'Mat will always be safer to use.
Interesting... looks like they changed the sizing guidance on us but didn't say anything! I've updated the website.
Saphir does not make the Hermes Red in a wax polish...
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