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Gentlemen - rest assured that those who submitted pictures will be well taken care of. We are always generous with our customers and those that support us.
Best dressed teacher ever.Are those those cordovan shoes?
Four Drakes of London ties for $65 each. Okay, guys, I'm three transactions away from a milestone. In order to tip the scale, I've just added three Drakes of London ties for $65 each (normally $145). Two Available: One Available & My favorite: One Available:
Two hours left on the Cyber Monday sale. I'm a little surprised at how well this was received.
Do many of you guys use shoe boxes for storage? Always though about having a nicer one made... P.S. Two hours left on our Cyber Monday sale.
Haha. Clearly you are a better marketer than I am.Since now it is just a "Closet Photograph" contest, you can now win despite how desperately you need hangers.
Gentlemen - due to the effects of smoking too many cigars, I somehow over-estimated the number of guys willing to enter their closet into a "most organized" contest. SO, I've amended the rules (in order to promote entry) to be a "Closet Photo Contest." Three winners will be chosen at random with those who have already entered receiving a little "bonus" for their initiative. Technically, no photo is required to enter... but they're certainly encouraged!
Haha. So you're saying that your bed serves at the other half of your closet?
I routinely revise the sizing guidance based on customer feedback. Since it is better to err on the side of the hanger being slightly small than too large, we revised our guidance upwards.For a size 44, I'd really recommend the Medium 17.0". With the 18.5" hanger, you could get it extending into the sleeve head.Remember that with the optimal 2.5" Shoulder Flare, your shoulders are going to receive so much more support than average that it's okay if they are slightly...
The Cyber Monday email featured discounted items (shown above) and then the following discounts:10% off Orders over $250 + Free Shipping15% off Orders over $1,000 + Free ShippingFree Shipping on all orders over $25We normally do not discount because we're not a "discount provider," but for Cyber Monday it seems we're jumping on the bandwagon.Take a look above.Regarding your sizing questions, it is always better to be slightly larger than too small with shirt hangers. The...
New Posts  All Forums: