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haha. Sorry. I fixed that! I was responding to a "Derek" via email and got them crossed.
You would be completely safe using a neutral cream - the Saphir Renovateur or neutral Saphir Pommadier Cream. The Leather Cleaning Soap and/or Reno'Mat would also both be safe and would help keep the white looking clean.As far as a white polish, looks like you have that taken care of. We have some Sapir Beauty Cuir in white that I am happy to send you on your next order.I don't have much personal experience with white, but I'll look into it for you.Cheers,Kirby
Hi Patrick -The Saphir Cordovan Polish is both a conditioner and a polish. The polish uses Neats Footoil as it's base for conditioning, instead of turpentine like the Pommadier Creams.Others report good results also using the Saphir Renovatuer.Hope this helps! Post a picture of your shoes!Kindest regards,Kirby
Welcome to Shoe Shine Sunday, February 24! This week we'll be giving away a $30 Gift Certificate good towards any order over $100 to those that participate by posting a picture of themselves shining their shoes to this affiliate thread or to our Hanger Project Facebook Page! Today I'll be working on another one of my first pairs of shoes: Romano Martegani from Ron Rider way back when he worked for Francos. The toe box has become a little dulled. I'm going to repair that...
Thanks. That's good information. I was curious whose movement they use. I'm just concerned $11k is a little overpriced for this watch. I saw that a similar piece sold at auction in 2009 for $6,000. Love the classic elegance, though. This style of watch is right up my alley.This Chopard Perpetual Calendar was another recent acquisition. It uses a JLC base movement, also.
Shoe Shine Sunday: Free Shipping + 10% Off This Shoe Shine Sunday's promotional offer will be a coupon for 10% Off your next order of Luxury Hangers plus Free Shipping. Simply post a photograph of yourself shining your shoes to our Affiliate Thread or Facebook Page, and we'll send you a promotional code next week! I'll try to post pictures myself later today, although it is depending on how I am feeling. Currently under the weather... Happy Shining! Cheers, Kirby
What do you gentlemen think of this watch? A 1990's Audemars Piguet GMT w/ Power Reserve and Date Indicator. I enjoy this classic design. My only condern is with Audemars... the brand has edged outside the of the mainstream lately. However, but $11,000 I think it could be a beautiful addition and a great watch for travel.
My initiation post... Drapers Cashmere / Silk Gun Club Fabric, Wingtip MTM - A little tight in the chest - Sleeve length needs a little work Cego White Shirt Stark & Sons Navy Genadine Raleigh Denim Jeans Chocolate Suede Alfred Sargent Captoes Navy Cashmere Palatino OTC Socks (product development )
Looks like Ami forgot half of his collar again...
This Sunday's Shoe Shine Sunday started a little bit late for me... sorry. But, nevertheless, I am taking a little bit of time to give my shoes some love. This Sunday for #ShoeShineSunday I'm cleaning the soles of my favorite Rider Boots. After a lot of wear, I find that they have become slick, no longer offering much tracking on smooth surfaces. The soles do not need to be replaced. Just cleaned. I thought I had written a tutorial on how to clean the soles of leather...
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