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BLACK FRIDAY - free shipping thru Monday. *The website does not allow for multiple discount codes. Free Shipping is technically recognized as a discount code. So, if you have any problems with this, just respond to your order confirmation and ask for one or the other to be applied.* Also - sign up for our Newsletter. We will be announcing some special, limited quantity "deal busters" for "Cyber Monday."
Perhaps this should have been the "Most (Dis)Organized Photo Contest" with the winner judged based on absurdity. I'm open to changing the rules.
We've got a few things up our sleeves... both for Friday and Monday. We'll send out announcements via our newsletter. If you aren't already a subscriber, you can subscribe on our homepage (at the bottom; remember to confirm your subscription request).I'm currently working on updating our Holiday Gifting Boutique. I'm hoping to have it fully updated by Friday. They'll be a few straggling products, but overall, we have some really interesting stuff this year.
...I wish we had a cheaper shipping option to Canada. If you want to place your order, we can package everything up and see if the website's estimation is correct. But it wouldn't be any less than $15.00. If it weren't for the border, it would be much cheaper...
Love it. As of now, that would be the winner. I just had my closet re-done. Loving it. My space increased by a factory of 4x. All this new empty rod space makes me want to go get more clothing...
Gentlemen - To kick-off this year's Holiday Season, The Hanger Project is offering each of three winners a $250 Gift Certificate to The Hanger Project and two shirts from Ledbury. Contest is simple: just upload a photograph of your closet! Contest ends December 2 and winners will be chosen soon afterwards and with enough time for you to use the Gift Certificate towards your holiday shopping! Enter here:...
The Lambswool Shoeshine Mitt is just for finishing and rebuffing. You should never apply polish to one - it would ruin it.I use mine in the morning to rebuff and while traveling, again to rebuff.
Gentlemen - I have one pair of Alfred Sargent Black Captoe shoes in a U.S. 8.5 for sale. These are totally new -- remnant from a special order that The Hanger Project placed with AS last year. These are totally new and in the original box.
Hi Knezz - No free shipping at the moment except on shoe care orders over $50. But you can always use "StyleForum" for 10% off.cheers,Kirby
Hermes Red or Mahogany both look like they would work well.Take a look at this blog post showing how the polishes show up on paper:http://www.hangerproject.com/closet/blog/cat/Saphir/post/saphir-shoe-polish-colors/
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