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Preferably also with a scotch in your hand smoking a cigar. But if you don't have your wife there with you, a before and after picture of your shoes is just fine. Also - doesn't have to be Saphir, but of course, would certainly prefer it to be!This week for Shoe Shine Sunday, we'll be giving away Two Sets of of our Luxury Suit Hangers. Winners chosen at random.
I've had an opportunity to spend some time with Ami in his new space and see it evolve over the past few months. It's phenomenal -- especially the Club. You guys will find yourselves in heaven. Make sure to bring a stick of your favorite cigar, because they have a full smoking lounge on the top floor. I'll be there February 21 for the Dormeuil trunk show and will be hosting a similar gather for Hanger Project customers that same evening.
Every Sunday we'll be giving something away to those that post pictures of them shining their shoes... this last Sunday, as stated in the Shoe Shine Sunday post, it was two pairs of Palatino Socks.
Thanks, lhuynh! Since you were the only one that participated, you just won two pairs of our Palatino Socks! I just PM'ed a $70 Gift Certificate to you. Thanks for participating!Cheers,Kirby
Shoe Shine Sunday: Part II After cleaning the Grensons with the Saphir Leather Cleaner, you can see how much darker they are because they are wet. After the shoes have dried, you can see how dehydrated the leather is after cleaning with the Saphir Leather Conditioner. They look terrible. Completely dry. Water breaks down the oils and waxes in the leather, leaving it dry. If the leather is flexed repeatedly while it is dry, the leather can crack. It is essential to...
Shoe Shine Sunday #2 Welcome to Shoe Shine Sundays! As always, join us every Sunday for some shoe love. Post a picture of yourself shining your shoes and enter to win one of two pairs of our Palatino 830 Superfine Over the Calf Cotton Socks! This Sunday, I'm going to shine one of my first pairs of nice shoes: a pair of Genson Handgrades that I purchased from the forum in college! I just had them resoled by B. Nelson's and they're overdue for some shoe love. Here you...
P.S. For the ladies in your life, we just launched our new Runway Collection of Luxury Women's Hangers. It seems like it's taken forever to get these right, but I feel like we've nailed it. This is the most comprehensive collection of luxury wooden hangers for women in the world. A collection of three distinct profiles, each available in two sizes and with three bottom hardware configurations.... for a total of 36 unique hangers! A testament to the complexities of the...
The Clip Hangers are definitely sturdy enough to work with denim (even cotton or linen). However, I would recommend the Clamping Trouser Hanger over the Clip Hanger for proper trousers. The Clips are fine for denim - no risk of damage. However, on finer suiting, they could leave indentations. The Clamping Trouser Hanger doesn't have this problem at all.The overall purpose of each hanger is the same - to hang trousers upside down by the cuff.P.S. Don't forget about Shoe...
Nice! Do you use the Saphir Renovating Repair Cream for the Edge Dressing?
You used Navy on these shoes?? The brown ones?
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