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Nice! I would use just Saphir Renovateur on a pair of antiqued shoes like this. Beautiful finishing. It would take me a few Sundays to shine this many pairs of shoes....
Shoe Shine Sunday: Post a picture of yourself shining your shoes this Sunday, March 10, and enter to win a Luxury Shoeshine Starter Kit from The Hanger Project. Post on our StyleForum Affiliate Thread or our Facebook Page.
JP - your photography is better than mine! Thanks. Shoes look beautiful. What are you currently using for your soles? In the past, I have recommended the Saphir Dubbin Grasie. However, Neats Footoil also works well to condition soles.
The turpentine acts for cleaning, really more as a byproduct. It's primary purpose is to make the wax soft so that it can be absorbed into the leather. In this respect, the turpentine is like the "vehicle" for the nourishment.
haha. Sorry. I fixed that! I was responding to a "Derek" via email and got them crossed.
You would be completely safe using a neutral cream - the Saphir Renovateur or neutral Saphir Pommadier Cream. The Leather Cleaning Soap and/or Reno'Mat would also both be safe and would help keep the white looking clean.As far as a white polish, looks like you have that taken care of. We have some Sapir Beauty Cuir in white that I am happy to send you on your next order.I don't have much personal experience with white, but I'll look into it for you.Cheers,Kirby
Hi Patrick -The Saphir Cordovan Polish is both a conditioner and a polish. The polish uses Neats Footoil as it's base for conditioning, instead of turpentine like the Pommadier Creams.Others report good results also using the Saphir Renovatuer.Hope this helps! Post a picture of your shoes!Kindest regards,Kirby
Welcome to Shoe Shine Sunday, February 24! This week we'll be giving away a $30 Gift Certificate good towards any order over $100 to those that participate by posting a picture of themselves shining their shoes to this affiliate thread or to our Hanger Project Facebook Page! Today I'll be working on another one of my first pairs of shoes: Romano Martegani from Ron Rider way back when he worked for Francos. The toe box has become a little dulled. I'm going to repair that...
Thanks. That's good information. I was curious whose movement they use. I'm just concerned $11k is a little overpriced for this watch. I saw that a similar piece sold at auction in 2009 for $6,000. Love the classic elegance, though. This style of watch is right up my alley.This Chopard Perpetual Calendar was another recent acquisition. It uses a JLC base movement, also.
Shoe Shine Sunday: Free Shipping + 10% Off This Shoe Shine Sunday's promotional offer will be a coupon for 10% Off your next order of Luxury Hangers plus Free Shipping. Simply post a photograph of yourself shining your shoes to our Affiliate Thread or Facebook Page, and we'll send you a promotional code next week! I'll try to post pictures myself later today, although it is depending on how I am feeling. Currently under the weather... Happy Shining! Cheers, Kirby
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