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It's just "Styleforum"
It Begins: Annual Father's Day Sale 20% Off Site-Wide on All Merchandise On Orders over $200 ...including all hangers and shoe care. 20% discount is in addition to listed prices, so you can take an additional 20% off sale items that are already discounted. Feel free to post any sale questions to this thread. We're happy to answer. Cheers, Kirby
We're discontinuing the mid-calf socks altogether and instead only focusing on over-the-calf. If you have huge feet, then the 12.5 and 13.0 socks are a fantastic deal.Sale is back up! Thanks for the heads-up. The discounts had expired last night.
Should still be on, but possible the pricing rules expired. Check back in a few hours. I'll make sure they're re-enabled.
Rugger - have you reached out to us about these issues? Curious why I'm learning about this first on or affiliate thread. We always go to exceptional lengths to take care of any damage or quality issues with our hangers.The hole you are referring to is used to hold the hanger during the finishing process. Cosmetic, yes. But certainly not "second or third quality". We've tried to get this filled, but haven't been able to achieve that during our manufacturing process. We are...
Merry Christmas, Gents. Posting this as it's own thread to make sure everything gets the notice. I'm closing out our 830-series of Palatino Mid-Calf and Over-the-Calf Socks. We've had these on sale for a while now, so most of our remaining sizes are quite large. Great for guys with big feet. I am closing these out because (1) we just don't do much mid-calf business and (2) the 830 OTC Socks are differentiated enough from the slightly higher-quality 920's. So, it's time...
...and Yak Hair brushes will be here WEDNESDAY! They've shipped and are en transit!
Also, just got some restocks: Talarico Umbrellas - new styles Deer Polishing Bone Merloa Nappa Leather Gloves 17.0" & 18.5" Suit Hangers in the Traditional Finish Felted Trouser Bar Hanger in the Traditional Finish Some Abbey Horn stuff SWIMS Golashes And we are fully-stocked on Saphir MDO and expecting Reno'Mat tomorrow.
We will be receiving more of these later this week, so we've enabled the product to accept backorders. You should be able to order.ALSO - we just enabled an extra 10% Off our Clothing Accessories: ties, pocket squares, scarves, gloves, and more! Deals end tonight at Midnight.
Cyber Monday Specials Begin Today! Just landed back in Dallas, but real quick, here are our Cyber Monday Specials. We only offer site-wide discounts twice a year (Cyber Monday and Father's Day), so enjoy. o 50% holiday hanger o 50% Off Select Women’s Hangers (traditional finish; chrome hardware) o 30% Off Select Hanger Project Shoeshine Brushes o 30% Cruciani Polo’s and Sweaters o 25% Off the purchase of two or more Inis Meáin sweaters o 10% discount on orders over...
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