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Ah, that's annoying. Can you email us? You also might try removing the items from your cart and reading them. PayPal says this can occur when the price of an item has changed since it was added to the cart.
We have those also... 😁
P.S. We'll be hosing Shoe Shine Sunday here on Sunday... this weekend, we'll be raffling away a Yak Hair Polishing Brush to one participant!
BLACK FRIDAY SPECIALS Gentlemen - this year we are running Black Friday specials on both The Hanger Project and A Suitable Wardrobe. The Black Friday deals are product-specific discounts + Free U.S. and Canadian Ground Shipping on all orders without a minimum. We will be running Cyber Monday specials beginning Sunday... stay tuned here or make sure you're subscribed to our Newsletter to receive the details! Happy deal hunting!
Some pictures of our new Merola gloves: We now have over 25 different styles of Merola gloves available through The Hanger Project! The unlined nappa leather golf and shooting gloves are absolutely incredible. Probably the most comfortable of them all. And it's nice to finally add some warm cashmere-lined gloves just in time for the cold weather we are expecting here in Texas...
That's a good way to put it. The Yak Hair brush is much more dense than the polishing mitt. You can really get into the shoe with the Yak Hair to buff it. All this is on the margin, but it's a nice finishing and refinishing brush. We'll post a video in next week's Shoe Shine Sunday. Maybe we'll raffle away a Yak Hair brush to those that PARTICIPATE next week!This Sunday, @gothamred is going to post a Shoe Shine Sunday bout mirror finishing.The Canada program is fulfilled...
We have six pairs of the non-monogrammed slippers that are ready to ship. Not sure where yours fall. Monogrammed ones won't be ready until late January, and it seems that the navy cashmere fabric is out of stock, so we're having to have more woven. Send me an email or PM and I'll get you a full update.If anyone else wants in, we can work you into the production, but delivery might just be a little late.
...on the list of things to film...I'll see if I can get Gotham to do it this weekend.
Shipping to Australia is a bitch - I agree - and we have really, really good FedEx rates. We've stopped shipping USPS because (1) FedEx in some cases is actually cheaper, (2) USPS was losing stuff all the time, and (3) the unpredictability of USPS transit times were really upsetting customers. As an online merchant, we receive 100% of the blame and anger when our shipping providers don't deliver. We are also 100% responsible for merchandise that is lost in transit or...
Well, if for $3 you are shopping somewhere else, I would exactly say that you are "supporting ASW affiliates." The challenge for me, as someone who earns his living selling this stuff, is that the economics become very difficult when StyleForum members are offered 10% Off and Free Shipping on items that don't cost much. For just $40 of polish, I'm essentially losing money offering 10% off and Free FedEx shipping.I really try to be reasonable with our shipping. Just...
New Posts  All Forums: