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One of the benefits of a system that allows hangers to be used, instead of an integrated, fixed hanger, it that it could be modified to accommodate up to three hangers: jacket, trouser, and shirt. This design would also allow our hangers to be used (key feature), as I strictly support a one-size-doesn't-fit-all approach to hangers. Secondary fixtures will need to be integrated that can accommodate ties and belts. I'm working on updating the drawings. Also looking into some...
Video of Mario Talarico schooling me in how to wrap an umbrella. Apparently there is a right and wrong way to do it...
Excited to announce our offering of Talarico Umbrellas. On a recent trip to Naples in June, I was able to hand select an assortment of umbrellas. Every umbrella is unique and, with the exception of two or three models, one-of-one. Also check out this recent blog post on my visit to Talarico. A small selection of umbrellas can be seen below.
I second that we need to organize a dinner Saturday night. If anyone has a place for me to crash, let me know!
A good point, but no taller than an ordinary valet with an integrated hanger. We can modify the hardware on which the hanger hangs to adjust for that.Any preference / thoughts on design?
The idea of just having a hook is to allow our stock hangers to be used in conjunction with the valet. If we build in a hanger, then we would not be able to offer it in four sizes.
I'm resuming work on my planned Dressing Valet - please offer your feedback. So, I am going to just have a prototype made now, hopefully in time to showcase at the November StyleForum event in New York. You'll remember that we visited this idea over a year ago. Below are several design sketches for possible valets. We need to decide on one design. Let me know your thoughts and how we might splice ideas together to create the perfect, high-quality dressing valet.
Email me. I'll check
Also need to set up some dinner plans...
[quote name="coloRLOw" url="/t/69654/the-umbrella-cane-riding-crop-and-miscellaneous-accessories-porn-thread/550_50#post_6626078" [/quote] what's the length on that black watch umbrella? Looks short.
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