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Drake's of London ties.
There is really going to be a lot of people in town for this. That's fantastic! Looking forward to the event, but not standing on my feet for 12 hours and lugging a ton of product to New York. Ideally, I'll come with plenty and leave with nothing.
22 oz Drake's of London Foulard Printed Silk Tie The hand of the 22 oz silk reminds me of the class printed silk Hermes ties.
Just listed our Drake's of London Ancient Madder ties. The colors were really difficult to photograph correctly on these. The subtle hues produced by the Ancient Madder dying technique are phenomenal. Ancient Madder is a silk screen process. Robert Keyte out of England is the only remaining producer of Madders and one of the few surviving printers capable of the dye and discharge method of printing. All of these ties are dye and discharge printed on a 30 oz pure silk...
Solid Cashmere Woven Tie - available in a dark navy and dark grey. I love the untipped, handrolled edges, which give this tie a beautiful light, airy drape that really shows off the beautiful woven cashmere. And the solid colors are incredibly versatile. They are woven with a contrasting thread that produces just the right amount of texture.
More hand-rolled Drakes of London ties. 100% wool. Hopefully up by tomorrow...
A selection of our M. de Phocas accessories. Nest Cufflinks, Gummy Bear Cufflinks, and a Iris Lapel Stick Pin. What do you guys think? All hand enameled in New York. I like the playful design.
A photograph of one of the Drakes of London ties we'll be adding soon. 100% wool, hand-rolled edges. Fantastic hand.
Just received new stock from Saphir today. Should ship today, Monday at the latest. We're restocked in: Renovateur, Black Edge Dressing, Chromexel Greasy Leather Cream (all colors), Neutral Suede & Nubuck Renovating Spray, and the Super Invulner.
This has since been corrected. After conversation in the office, we determined that the benefit wasn't worth the expense. Not allowing single hanger sales is probably a net revenue loss. We considered up-charging single hangers, but in the end decided against that, also.
New Posts  All Forums: