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More hand-rolled Drakes of London ties. 100% wool. Hopefully up by tomorrow...
A selection of our M. de Phocas accessories. Nest Cufflinks, Gummy Bear Cufflinks, and a Iris Lapel Stick Pin. What do you guys think? All hand enameled in New York. I like the playful design.
A photograph of one of the Drakes of London ties we'll be adding soon. 100% wool, hand-rolled edges. Fantastic hand.
Just received new stock from Saphir today. Should ship today, Monday at the latest. We're restocked in: Renovateur, Black Edge Dressing, Chromexel Greasy Leather Cream (all colors), Neutral Suede & Nubuck Renovating Spray, and the Super Invulner.
This has since been corrected. After conversation in the office, we determined that the benefit wasn't worth the expense. Not allowing single hanger sales is probably a net revenue loss. We considered up-charging single hangers, but in the end decided against that, also.
@JermynStreet - You're correct. But at least if we see that someone has done that, we have some type of recourse by showing that we did in fact state that these were copyrighted. I'm under no fantasy that everything is easily ripped off on the internet. Our hangers. Our product photography. Our shoe care tutorials (which I already know have been copied into other languages). The problem with any "assignment of invention" is that is just as easily circumvented. Our hangers...
Working on photographing our first seasonal collection of Drakes of London ties and have to comment how much I am loving these. We have a lot of wool/cashmere blend unlined, hand-rolled ties that are just absolutely incredible. Hoping to get them loaded and available by Monday or Tuesday of next week (fingers crossed). Will also bring some to the Style Forum Vendor Show in New York.
Reach out to me directly and I'll PM a link to purchase single hangers.
One of the benefits of a system that allows hangers to be used, instead of an integrated, fixed hanger, it that it could be modified to accommodate up to three hangers: jacket, trouser, and shirt. This design would also allow our hangers to be used (key feature), as I strictly support a one-size-doesn't-fit-all approach to hangers. Secondary fixtures will need to be integrated that can accommodate ties and belts. I'm working on updating the drawings. Also looking into some...
Video of Mario Talarico schooling me in how to wrap an umbrella. Apparently there is a right and wrong way to do it...
New Posts  All Forums: