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Been meaning to post this forever. Recently received a pair of MTO Carmina boots with cordovan uppers. Beautiful. They came with the shoelaces tied in a special knot. Anyone know how to tie laces like this??
Ah, the age-old debate. I've been pulled into this debate before with friends. It's impossible to even compare a $90 pair of shoes to something nicer on a purely utilitarian basis because everyone places a different "value" on how they look. I, personally, would never be caught dead with a pair of bozo clown shoes, which is what most $90 pairs look like. I can't get over how uninspired and gigantic your average $90 pair of shoes are!
Another CEDES item: Daily Variable Cufflink Set. Rather innovative. Set includes two blank barbells that can be outfitted with replaceable stone cylinders, essentially creating infinite number of combinations.
And for those that have to have order everywhere in their lives, I present to you our CEDES Toothpaste Squeezer. I couldn't pass carrying this when a customer special-ordered it. We have three in-stock. Although it is not highly publicized, CEDES is run by Mauro Lorenzi, of the famous G. Lorenzi family. Their small Milanese boutique has been creating some of the most fantastic men's accessories out of horn, tusks, and antlers for the better part of a century. Rumor...
Hanger Project is all boxed up and headed to New York... looking forward to seeing everyone. We'll have a small assortment of our products. Some hangers for everyone to try on for size, Inis Meain Sweaters, our remaining Smedley Dartmoor Polos, some Drake's London ties and scarves, and other surprises.
Drake's of London ties.
There is really going to be a lot of people in town for this. That's fantastic! Looking forward to the event, but not standing on my feet for 12 hours and lugging a ton of product to New York. Ideally, I'll come with plenty and leave with nothing.
22 oz Drake's of London Foulard Printed Silk Tie The hand of the 22 oz silk reminds me of the class printed silk Hermes ties.
Just listed our Drake's of London Ancient Madder ties. The colors were really difficult to photograph correctly on these. The subtle hues produced by the Ancient Madder dying technique are phenomenal. Ancient Madder is a silk screen process. Robert Keyte out of England is the only remaining producer of Madders and one of the few surviving printers capable of the dye and discharge method of printing. All of these ties are dye and discharge printed on a 30 oz pure silk...
Solid Cashmere Woven Tie - available in a dark navy and dark grey. I love the untipped, handrolled edges, which give this tie a beautiful light, airy drape that really shows off the beautiful woven cashmere. And the solid colors are incredibly versatile. They are woven with a contrasting thread that produces just the right amount of texture.
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