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JimmyHoffa has a point here. When polishing shoes with brouging, I start on a smooth area without holes to lighten the polish (it always starts off thick regardless of how careful you are) before moving onto more sensitive areas. I also use the tin of my polish jar as a pallet, daubing the polish there to help further control the amount applied to the chamois.
This is part an unavoidable consequence. If you polish any shoe with brouging, it's almost impossible to not get polish into the holes. I think that the trick is to go light on the polish around these areas and then to use a stiff-bristled dauber to really work the stuff out of the holes. And then, if you still need more help, a toothpick. I looked into having toothpicks made that were designed for this particular purpose, but had trouble finding a manufacturer that would...
David -I'll have to look into this for you. I have used a toothpick in the past to scrape polish out of the brouging holes... but that can be a pain. How do you apply your polish? With a brush or chamois? With a chamois, you would have a greater capacity to control the amount of polish that you apply. Also, a stiffer bristle polishing brush or dauber (with pig hair) would also allow you to get into these holes to brush the polish out.As for the stitching, I've "heard" of a...
pocketsquareguy - they have such a fantastic hand. And the simple weave with subtle contrasting threads creates an incredibly versatile tie - similar in versatility to a grenadine, in my opinion. We'll miss you in New York but I'll see you in San Francisco for Wingtip's Frank Sanatra party. My wife and I will be coming in for it.
...if you could just get a penny for each post, you'd have quite a weekend!
How could you possibly post any more than you already have??
+1 on that. Gorge is super low. From where did you purchase the jacket?
Always an event like this at The Hanger Project. But if you want to meet up for a cigar and scotch, let me know.And for today:Drapers Cashmere Gun Club JacketNew Cruciani Cashmere Knit Polo (from Italy - new items; "testing" this one)3x1 bespoke jeans with some denim from ItalyBlack Gravati Shoes circa 2006 (purchased from Ron Rider back when he was at Francos)Medium Grey 100% Wool Palatino Socks (from Hanger Project)Almost forgot: Blue Simonnot Godard Pocket Square (also...
My opinion on black and brown shoes is that if you are having something made (these were MTO), you should spent the $$ on something that you couldn't buy RTW. And how many black shoes does a man really need? Three? Same with brown. I have plenty of brown shoes. If I am going to purchase any additional shoes, I have decided that they must be more interesting.Also had a pair of burgundy GG shoes made that are just stunning.Thanks. Yeah, luckily I get to wear whatever I want...
The polish is going to look lighter on a white background, but it gives a good ideas of the relative color differences. Mahogany is darker, but this shows the difference in color vs. burgundy, cognac, and the other browns. The Burgundy is also much darker than shown, but, again, this is for illustration.
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