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I had an opportunity to reach out to Saphir via my back channels, and this is what they told me.In other words, as the Saphir Medaille d’Or Polish, contains several waxes to make the best formulation ever, the Sole Guard is not just olive oil from a tree in Seville you would use to cook.It has been formulated among several essential oils used in cosmetology. The specific formulation is "secret," but I can tell you that the formulation is more than just olive or generic...
Believe there is now a $100 minimum for the promotional code. PM me if you're still having problems.
Try again.
Believe it's SF10. We changed it up bc it ended up on a coupon site. Meant for SF users. Not coupon search people. 😉
Here are some pictures of me wearing the piece...
I'm back! And around for a few weeks.
It's a beautiful jacket. I think we have it listed for cost right now. The jacket is an investment piece - slightly difficult fit because it is cut shorter than most leather jackets. Please let me know if you're interested.
This listing is for a Seraphin Lambskin Leather Motocycle Jacket, available in black and brown lambskin. These jackets are beautifully crafted by hand in Paris by renowned atelier Seraphin. Best-known as the maker of Hermes outerwear, everything is cut and constructed on-site in Paris. Please note that these jackets are cut slightly short, but otherwise fit true-to-size. Retail: $3,300. Offering at $1,175 OBO. Lambskin Motorcycle Jackets Black 50 Lambskin Motorcycle...
New Posts  All Forums: