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Believe there is now a $100 minimum for the promotional code. PM me if you're still having problems.
Try again.
Believe it's SF10. We changed it up bc it ended up on a coupon site. Meant for SF users. Not coupon search people. 😉
Here are some pictures of me wearing the piece...
I'm back! And around for a few weeks.
It's a beautiful jacket. I think we have it listed for cost right now. The jacket is an investment piece - slightly difficult fit because it is cut shorter than most leather jackets. Please let me know if you're interested.
This listing is for a Seraphin Lambskin Leather Motocycle Jacket, available in black and brown lambskin. These jackets are beautifully crafted by hand in Paris by renowned atelier Seraphin. Best-known as the maker of Hermes outerwear, everything is cut and constructed on-site in Paris. Please note that these jackets are cut slightly short, but otherwise fit true-to-size. Retail: $3,300. Offering at $1,175 OBO. Lambskin Motorcycle Jackets Black 50 Lambskin Motorcycle...
Thanks, @MSchapiro! That hanger has been in the works for two years. We had to first redesign our clamping trouser mechanism, which is finally back in-stock, and then prototype this hanger. Totally unprescendented. Fantastic, high-specification all-wire clamping mechanism coupled with the best suit hanger in the world available in four sizes and three finishes. Huge capital outlay.
New Posts  All Forums: