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Here are some pictures of me wearing the piece...
I'm back! And around for a few weeks.
It's a beautiful jacket. I think we have it listed for cost right now. The jacket is an investment piece - slightly difficult fit because it is cut shorter than most leather jackets. Please let me know if you're interested.
This listing is for a Seraphin Lambskin Leather Motocycle Jacket, available in black and brown lambskin. These jackets are beautifully crafted by hand in Paris by renowned atelier Seraphin. Best-known as the maker of Hermes outerwear, everything is cut and constructed on-site in Paris. Please note that these jackets are cut slightly short, but otherwise fit true-to-size. Retail: $3,300. Offering at $1,175 OBO. Lambskin Motorcycle Jackets Black 50 Lambskin Motorcycle...
Thanks, @MSchapiro! That hanger has been in the works for two years. We had to first redesign our clamping trouser mechanism, which is finally back in-stock, and then prototype this hanger. Totally unprescendented. Fantastic, high-specification all-wire clamping mechanism coupled with the best suit hanger in the world available in four sizes and three finishes. Huge capital outlay.
Thought this would be fun, although it is absolute torture watching myself in video: Unboxing of my latest pair of George Cleverley bespoke shoes.
The second, more full-featured valet came in way above my cost estimate. The valet is incredible - a true piece of furniture. But something that I think I can only offer on a made-to-order basis. This one comes in at $4,950 estimated retail.
Finally was able to prototype the dressing valets. I'm really happy with the results. Only thing that I need to work on is what it will take to have them made at an appropriate price. The Eco Valet - the smaller one of the two - is pricing out at $1695. I'd love to get it down, but right now we are having these made here in Dallas in batches of 10. The hardware, wood, and labor is quite expensive. The valet has several features: 1. Two rear pegs allows you to hang a...
New Posts  All Forums: