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@bmulford You raise a point I was thinking about lately, anyway. At the rate we are filming new shoe care tutorials, I'm going to run out of shoes very soon, anyway. Do you have a pair of shoes you want to volunteer?
@ThinkDerm @mktitsworth That's correct - @GothamRed left The Armoury some time ago and is now running Saint Crispins North America full time. He is continuing to help me with A Suitable Wardrobe, though. We stopped Shoe Shine Sunday just because it felt a little redundant and participating waned. I'd love to start it up again... but we're brainstorming some different formats, like maybe a livestream. Any thoughts? We're also beginning to film some shoe shine tutorial...
Hi Luis,Thanks for the note. Yes, we're still ramping up in the UK. It's been a little bit of a challenge to coordinate remotely. However, we are implementing some significant changes in the beginning of the year that should eliminate these problems and streamline inventory levels, fulfillment, and customer service. We'll basically be consolidating it all under one roof, which should make a big difference.Our goal for the UK is to fully-replicate our hangers, garment care,...
Looks like that one is gone...
Cyber Monday Deals are up - great time to stock up on hangers, shoe polish, and our new seasonal collections. Let me know if you have any questions.
Hi CCHEN -Thanks for bringing this up - need to disable the Out of Stock Notification. I'll do this now.Multiple promotional codes cannot be used on Black Friday / Cyber Monday, so that kills the SF10 for the weekend... sorry.We're online and available by chat if any other issues come up.Kirby
We have more on the way. Hopefully by late next week. If you sign up for the out of stock notification, you should receive an email.
These are basically the same product, just different concentrations. Totally appropriate substitute.
I would recommend the 56 and a tight fih knot tied long rather than the 60 and a dfih - the latter is going to be huge, given the additional pattern width on the 60s, especially if tied a bit short. A modified half Windsor could also work with the 60.All of our new fall deliveries will be 3-fold 58 inch ties. Going to do away altogether with the extra-long 60 inch ties. Love having them, but we just don't sell enough to justify the additional inventory.
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