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I love g-shocks. This is my recent pick-up: These are my others g-shocks: These are fine if you're being active and as an everyday watch.
Quote: Originally Posted by mkarim You guys make Wells Fargo seem like the best of breed. I recommend a small local bank. They will give you better service and not screw you in the next 12 months. I'm a private banker @wachovia & this wells fargo merger is making the people who made wachovia so great, leave or getting fired for the lack of churning. All the mega banks in the next 12 months will be charging fees for everything besides buying...
Anyone know if there is a discount code like the 20% off like last month?
Has anyone seen these Chippewa in this tan? I've been torn between these or the ll beans or the red wings.
For Iron Rangers, should I size down 1/2?
Quote: Originally Posted by walked2far If anyone is interested, 6" Iron Ranger boots in Amber or Black Harness on sale for $165 (after code: AUTUMN02) w/ free 2 day shipping from So for these, I gotta size down 1/2 for good fit? Is that the forum consensus??
Layer Cake had come good scenes.
oh snap. where's biz markie when you need him?
Wasn't there an Iron Ranger vs GTs vs 1k boot thread around here?
Can you get these in the brown suede instead?
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