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most people who work in dc don't live in dc. Northern VA (Arlington , oldtown & Alexandria) and Maryland (Silver spring).
^^ WHAT fighting are you talking about man??
Quote: Originally Posted by WoodyStylee I'm a Yacht Broker. its strictly commission, which freaks some people out. I worked as a publicist right out of college for a year and hated it. Just recently switched to the yacht biz, takes a while to get established in the industry, but is very financially rewarding once you do so....Unfortunatley im not there quite yet. satisfaction is 5/5...i love my job how often do you sale a boat? and what...
My dad is a CFO for the UN, 15 years and counting. I guess he likes it lol.
still doing my undergrad, 2nd year to be exact. I'm super lost in terms of declaring a decent major that is not BS.
in a few years? hahaha But if you decide to visit austria in a "few years" you will love it, go to Innsbruck. It's like an hour away from vienna, peaceful place with great outdoors scenery. Also the salt mines in Hallstatt, if that interest you. Good luck!!
No clear explanation on why the officer gave you a disorderly conduct ?? is it not written on the ticket? also can't you just call to extend the court date rather than appear in court? nonetheless I hope you get this dropped.
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