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This is an "S-hook double wrap" from Giles and Brother. I never really wear it so I figured I'd sell it on. Retails for 85 plus shipping so I'm selling it for 68 shipped CONUS by paypal. 100% feedback on ebay. Here is a link to it on G&B website: Thanks
Got these and wore them twice. They're really comfortable, but I've decided they're not my style. I'm just not a wingtip kind of guy. Rockport Day 2 Night collection. They're 189 new, selling for 95 shipped in the CONUS. Perfect feedback on ebay and various other forums.
Price drop to 38 shipped each.
Watch, always. I also have a few things from Giles & Bro and Miansai that I will wear depending on the outfit.
These shirts are from the small shirt maker Hugh and Crye based out of DC. The quality is pretty good. In my overzealousness I took off the tags and threw away the packaging and stuck these in my closet. As it turns out they're a bit too slim on me. The quality is pretty good, and they're definitely nice slim shirts. $45 each. Sizing is "Short/Skinny" I have 182 positive on...
Too much going on with those red pants in that last outfit on your blog too. It may be the crap camera but it looks like you have a blue shirt, green belt, red pants, and cordovan-y brown shoes..too many colors going on...but again your camera is not helping.
It was at least the day in advance as I recall, but even the Lanvin was better than this - though not by much, and that isn't saying much anyways.
It's not out in stores until the 19th, so I doubt anyone has either of the items yet.
Just got this but it doesn't fit. It's a size 30, and I need a 32. Black with blue logos. 20 shipped email me ashniderman10 at
These are still available and haven't been worn since originally posted.
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