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Too expensive for that type of boot. I would expect something of a better quality.
Suede is always more comfortable. It becomes more comfortable over time I have found.
Quote: Originally Posted by meister Is there something wrong with the top button area? It does not button right. The area where the top button is has too much material. Your tailor needs to take that in. I also think that the button sits to high.
I think it. It looks great.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff What I was saying has nothing to do with your build. The jacket isnt aesthetically pleasing. When a jacket is quirky, it had better be a "good" quirky. If your tailor wouldnt mke open quarters, then that's not good. Is his identity a secret? I think that with inherently different or country cloths, often a standard cut is the best policy. In any case, I think he might want to fix it because you look like you're...
I had the same problem over 4 wears....... But they were only $400......
Great video.
Quote: Originally Posted by The_Foxx Just got my issues from a person selling them, and another on the way from the official website (maybe in the next few weeks?) Awesome, awesome magazine-- looks to me to be written just for gents of the styleforum and askandy types. really interesting articles, and the photos are excellent-- the article on Cleverley is a must for anyone who owns a pair of their magnificent shoes. really cool, and I am thinking...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cary Grant Pleasant arrival in the mail this week. Bespoke... These are great. Beautiful design
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