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Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Love this image!
Brunello seems a great guy. I love his jackets! Great Video as well.
Has anyone seen the latest issue of The Rake? What's it like?
Quote: Originally Posted by aportnoy 3 New Comissions...I have about 40 pairs of RTW shoes to catch up on as well. Sorry for slacking off! George Cleverley Medium Brown reverse Calf Adelaide George Cleverley Chocolate Pebble Grain Double Monk Paolo Scafora Dark Brown Reverse Calf Wholecut beautiful!
Trumpers Cleverley Anderson & Sheppard Turnbull & Asser Paul Smith (socks)
They are all great! Get them all,
I have never had a problem with A&S. Their product is great and I am always very happy with it. John Hitchcock is a true professional.
Quote: Originally Posted by medwards Over the years, the folks at Cleverley have made at least eight pair of black calf shoes for me. I believe you can see at least three of them in this thread on another Forum: Oh yes, another pair - a black calf Adelaide oxford - is currently on order. Great collection.
Nice choice! I'm surprised you think their website is uninspired. I think that they have a great selection of shoes and that their new styles are great! I'm based in New York and when I visit their trunk shows they have over 150 shoes! However, I have seen them in other cities and the selection is smaller. Shoemakers become a working relationship. I think you ordered a nice first pair... As for photos, you will find a bunch on this forum.
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